Body Type Not showing up

I just bought the game and the body type isnt showing up…

What “body type” are you talking about?

Please provide more info and take a screenshot of the issue. Pictures are essential for us to give any sort of help

All of them

What year model of car are you making? Have you filtered the body you want out? Is that body available in the year you are trying to use it?
This is the screen when I go into sandbox and create a new vehicle. It isn’t loading any of them

Did you mess with any of the filters? I doubt it, but there’s a chance the filters were automatically set to something that doesn’t exist. I doubt that’s possible though…

Idk how to help beyond that, maybe it’s a corrupt install

Only thing is, this is the 2nd time I’ve bought the game and its been like this every time

I don’t think you can buy the game twice… regardless of that, seems like maybe your antivirus is blocking from accessing or deleting the assets for the car body. Try to add an exception in your antivirus so it doesn’t scan the automation folder and then verify the game in steam, that should prompt steam to download the missing files.

This should help you!