Body Types

It is necessary to make a classification by bodyworks. Now class systematization is used in the world, where A is both a cheap and a small car, and F is luxurious and long. Maybe a knowledgeable person will do this, because for the convenience of presentation, I would like to show the exact designation.

Thus, it is necessary to combine:
1 positioning in the market
2 body size
3 Purpose of the model

So what looks like an SUV is not an SUV.
What is called (UTILITARITY), is still definitely unclear to me, and I do not like it term.

What counts as (Crossover) is an inaccurate definition for lowered single drive SUVs. As its most extreme embodiment - in combination with a pop appearance.

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That A-F car size classification is limited only to Europe, from what i know and even so, no guarantee it will be exclusively used

Golf is in C-segment. Its also compact car and will often be refered as such even in Europe

What you suggest proves not possible and arguments start, as people and companies not agree about car size.
Some cars even position themself between car classes: Skoda Octavia is often compared with both Golf and Passat, for example

“Utility” description in game covers many vehicles, that are either seen as pickup trucks or utes:

Ford F-150

Other like this in shape:

-Chevrolet Silverado
-Ford Ranger
-Toyota Hilux
-Toyota Tacoma
-Toyota Tundra
-Isuzu D-Max
-Great Wall Steed

Silverado and Tundra are also of same size as F-150, others are smaller


Other like this:

-Ford Transit
-Mercedes Sprinter
-Fiat Doblo
-Fiat Ducato
-Volkswagen Transporter
-Volkswagen Crafter

To explain, example being GAZelle, as all mentioned in this part of post can be seen as Utility, Van or MPV by game

This GAZelle is MPV to game

This GAZelle is Utility to game

This GAZelle is Van to game

Zastava Skala Poly

Other like this:

-Chevrolet El Camino
-Holden Ute
-Ford Falcon Ute
-Dacia Pick-up
-VW Caddy (first generation; based on first generation Golf)

SUV and Crossover are usually noted by base of their platform.
SUV usually noted by being based on pickup truck platform, while Crossover based on car platform

I agree this is hard to properly categorise, but i see why developers made just SUV body style.
Small team, lot of job to do: if they can save some time on something that doesnt affect gameplay they probably do it

From what I’ve observed this is mostly true for the American market, and even there not always followed :smile: Also there are additional difficulties with the European A-F segments - they aren’t officially defined, they evolve over time, are based almost purely on positioning on the market, and they weren’t even much of a thing over 40 years ago, especially the divide between A and B. And there were numerous cars that weren’t positioned in any defined segment :smile:

So, @kalan - it’s basically impossible to classify the bodies in the game like that, and can sometimes be difficult to classify even a specific car, even for a knowledgeable person.

Cool, a good example. Especially with F 150. However, if you look closely at it, it is not an SUV. He is an AWD uproot of trees, but for offroad he is bad.
I want to compose a strict classification according to which the classes do not intersect with each other. What is MPV can no longer become Utility. This designation will be convenient for an associative performance, not look to the body. In the same way, the Pickup will not be able to become Utility,
And about the size, you can make everyone be ordered by driving into a hard framework. My micro -club buyers that I created in my country, just stands on the side of an ordinary citizen. Thus, despite statements and advertising by manufacturers, buyers make a strict definition so that they are not considered unilaterally suckers.

What is happening now in the smartphone market, because of which I can’t choose the right model for myself.

Good, a little later I will present my version of all existing types of transport in order not to get confused.

Small team, lot of job to do: if they can save some time on something that doesnt affect gameplay they probably do it

Therefore, we are still playing with glamorous Blobs.

I understand that it is impossible to divide all the cars, but I am extremely adore the determination, where everything is presented in itself, so I will do it anyway.
I will cross out the term Utility, and I will make it a Pickup.
What does not look like an SUV will make a Crossover with a new name. Thus, all -wheel drive will be counted only on the SUV body, and in other cases it is useless.

Therefore, it seems to me correct to determine the four -door pickup with an extended body, in the definition of a Mini - Truck - in an American way or Family Pickup.

It seems that we have begun to forget what an SUV is.

I found interesting pictures for a more accurate definition of bodies relative to cars of the class (SUV):

  1. Crossover car for showing off with a low clearance. The new name is CUV for now. It may or may not have all-wheel drive.

  2. SUV. A car that can run over stones on its way. Highly adapted to urban conditions. Clearance from 30 cm. Tire diameter from 80 cm. I laid down the JEEP Wrangler standard, which can be considered an SUV. This model has a clearance of 27 cm. This category has sub-classes: small, medium, large. Or simply: SUV_L or SUV_1. Jeep Rubicon or Sahara can be attributed to SUV_2.

  3. All-terrain vehicle. Rover. The vehicle is not adapted for traveling on the road. It has a clearance from 80 cm. The axles do not have strongly protruding differentials that interferes with the intersection of huge boulders. Wheels from 130 cm. The minimum height of the axis contact zone with the ground is 60 cm.
    It can also have 3 subclasses.
    Example: Rover_3 or ATV_3

In all cases, it is necessary to have a short base, otherwise, the car will become a monster or another kind. Depending on what it looks more like. Therefore, the wheelbase can be a length of, for example, a 6x6 frame only in the case of very high ground clearance. Since a person will not go to conquer even bigger stones.





IT can be considered neither an SUV, nor a Family Truck, nor a Utility, nor a Pickup, nor a Mini - Truck.

ATV_1 OR Rover_1

Casting number ONE:
Sport Utility Vehicle

Thus, it was better for you to specify the body type than to throw everything into one category.

Possible names can be fixed in this form. This is still only the purpose of the car, without specifying the size and degree of luxury.

For more clarification, it is necessary to draw up a flowchart, moving along which it will be possible to hand the model a three-position index. This will allow you to fully understand the giftedness of the model without looking at it, but simply by reading the article.

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Programming teaches us to categorize things rigidly. It requires unsurpassed accuracy to types of variables. Therefore, it is correct to enroll cars in the category on the most pronounced sign, ignoring the rest, since confusion - always harms clarity.
Therefore, the club of buyers may well use the following classification:
Directions of bodies for the purpose:

  1. Sedan {absorbs notchback}
  2. City Generalist {replaces crossover}
  3. SUV {has three classes, depending on clearance}
  4. All-terrain vehicle {has three classes, depending on clearance}
  5. Family Pickup / Pickup Truck {replaces Utility}
  6. Pickup {replaces Utes or Coupe Utility}
  7. Hatchback
  8. Station Wagon {replaces Universal}
  9. Minibus
  10. Minivan
  11. Truck Bonneted
  12. Truck Bonnetless
  13. Bus
  14. Excavator
  15. Grader
  16. Motorcycle
  17. Tricycle
  18. ATV / Rover
  19. Golf Cart
  20. Loader
  21. Smart {replaces Key - Car}
  22. Bicycle {replaces bike}
  23. Van
  24. Motorbike
  25. Scooter
  26. The Monowheel
  27. Coupe
  28. Fastback {completely replaces the liftback and hatchback because it has a long streamlined rear door}
  29. Kammback {streamlined descentable tail without rear door}
  30. Roadster
  31. Convertible
  32. Bulldozer
  33. Bonnet Tractor
  34. Bonnetless Tractor
  35. Tractor
  36. Trailer
  37. Truck Crane
  38. Road Cleaner
  39. Snowmobile
  40. Limousine
  41. Phaeton
  42. Hardtop {symbol disappears or is an add-on to the selected type}
  43. Lando
  44. Town Car / Brogam
  45. Shooting Brack
  46. Speedster
  47. Cabrio Coach
  48. Targa {all species}
  49. Spider

That is, if you present a limo ATV convertible phaeton, it will be called phaeton. Because the most unusual solution becomes dominant. To conquer the mountainous area does not need to make a long body, and especially with an open roof.
If a person has created a hardtop, he adds the name to the chosen type, for example, a hatchback hardtop or kammback hardtop.

So, no matter what the Utes is built on the chassis of the light passenger car, if it has an open platform at the back, it is a pickup, or a family truck / pickup truck.
So, Utes unlike a simple pickup can have a closure cap, so I think it should be separated into a separate type, or completely eliminate, as there is already a pickup, and a family pickup. Or replace the name, as it is not well understood, in general, it should be an add-on to the main type, as it basically means the presence of this cap.
When specifying the choice of body type, the definition is assigned depending on the lowering priority, which function is the main.
So far I have the species, the description will be later.

Flowchart for determining the bodywork type:

Sedan {It has 3 expressed volumes along the body: Front, Middle, Tail}

Notchback {Sedan, but with a sharply visible square form of the back rack, needed to allocate more space for passenger and luggage compartment}

Boot - zero - Back {sedan, but without trunk. Or sedan, but only without external trunk cap. Given the impracticality of the body, almost never built}

Two doors or Ecosedan {spacious sedan with 2 or 3 rear seats, but only with two wide entrance doors}

City Generalist {replaces Сrossover}

SUV {has three classes, depending on clearance}

All-terrain vehicle {has three classes, depending on clearance}

Family Pickup / Pickup Truck {replaces Utility}

Pickup {replaces Utes or Coupe Utility}


Wagon or Estate

Station Wagon or Wagon or Estate {replaces Universal, Kombi}

Minivan or MPV

Minivan or MPV

Truck Bonneted or TruckBd { add - on to name: Cement Mixer, Tipper, Fire T, Box T, Garbage T, Flatbed T, Tank T, Panel T, Classic T, Aero T}

Truck Bonnetless or TruckBs { add - on to name: Cement Mixer, Tipper, Fire T, Box T, Garbage T, Flatbed T, Tank T, Panel T, Classic T, Aero T}






Golf Cart


Smart {replaces Kei - Car}

Bicycle {replaces bike}




The Monowheel


Fastback {completely replaces the liftback and hatchback because it has a long streamlined rear door}

Kammback {streamlined descentable tail without rear door}




Bonnet Tractor-Trailer or Trailer Truck {catches trailers}

Bonnetless Tractor-Trailer or Trailer Truck {catches trailers}



Truck Crane

Road Cleaner



Phaeton {manually folding awning behind all rows of seats. Such a body form can only have vintage cars that very much resembled carriages}

Hardtop {symbol disappears or is an add-on to the selected type}


Town Car / Brougham

Shooting Brack

Cabrio Coach 2

Cabrio Coach

Targa {all species}

Spider or Spyder {a complex mechanized way of sliding the roof of a convertible or roadster. For convenience of designation, this index can be added only to those cars that automatically foldes the hard top}

Barketta – {the body in the form of a boat, without a top, can have a windshield}