Boost Gauge

Is it normal for the boost gauge to keep going up when the Wastegate is on ??

don’t forget it still is a work in progress

Well, that’s clearly a bug, we’ll look into it.

when you add in the Wastegate sounds could you make them Chirp (I am not sure the plural is of that is) like the Bugatti EB110 wastegates for the twin or quad turbo and for the single turbo…Prodrive P2

Bugatti EB110 Wastegate sound (Sorry its a long video you hear it at like 1:20 to 1:27 into the video):

Prodrive P2 Wategate sound at 1:18 in prepare to laugh at Jeremy Clarksons view on it! :

Those are my 2 suggestions for the Wastegate sounds

you got 3 types of wastegates

  1. recirculating - back into exhaust
  2. vent a.k.a. Blow Off Valve - everything out and makes little boys want to turbo the shit out of every and any car
  3. hybrid - best of both, some back to exhaust, some to atmosphere

that should be a choice IMHO

I think I have suggested a Blow off Valve I think…Absolution is that correct?

Guys, Blow-off valve and Wastegate is two VERY different things.
BOV is between the turbo and the throttle on the intake side.
Wastegate is between the engine and the turbo on the exhaust side.

They do different things. Wastegate reduces the exhaust pressure to the turbo, thereby reducing the possible boost.
BOV only open when there is under pressure behind the throttle, reducing the back pressure wave, thus stops it from hitting the compressor turbine.