Bore and Stroke I

I was wondering about the bore and stroke ration limit. I’ve tried building the straight 4 for motorcycles but the limits make the ratio different from the actual engine. For example the BMW HP4 has a 80x49.7 making it 999cc, but the game has the lowest stroke of 50mm and the highest the bore can be is 67.5mm. Any reason for these limits, I understand that the game most likely be letting us make go-karts, motorcycles, ATVs, or SidexSide but it would be nice to experiment with the ratio. It would also be interesting to try throwing a HP4 engine into a 76 Porshe 914.

already discussed, do a search.

reasoning is that by limiting it they covered a vast number of car engines without having to do a ton of computations and letting people create engines that are to unrealistic.

for instance, having no bore and massive stroke, which results in a microscopic engine with a massive displacement and doing good power figures