[BR] 1995 Compact Sport Coupes

Se você fala português, acho que é mais fácil você ver o vídeo que lancei no meu canal falando sobre as regras: - YouTube

Hey guys, after a break I’m back with a new challenge, hope you like it. In this time you need to create a 1995 compact sport coupe like the cars in the photo above (Fiat Coupe, Mazda MX3, Opel Tigra and Mitsubishi FTO are good references for this challenge). To be real, this cars are more about beauty than sportiness, like a hot hatche in a more agressive body and less pratical at the same time. So, you need to create a car who need to be economical, fun to drive, usable as daily in general and to do that you need to follow the rules:

Engine rules

Age of production: 1995.
Prohibited use of carburetors.
Prohibited use of race intake.
Fuel Type: Regular - 91 RON.
Prohibited use of race tubular headers.
Must have catalytic converter and one muffler at least.
Production Units: 40.
Engineering Time: 130.
Minimum reliability: 60.

Car rules

Age of production: 1995.
The car need to look like a street legal 2/3-door coupe who a real brand could sell.
No 4x4.
No Chunky Off Road or Semi Slicks tyres.
Must have, at least, ABS.
Must have 4 seats.
Minimum consumption: 9 km/l (8,9 or less = disqualification).
Production Units: 85.
Engineering Time: 90.
Minimum comfort: 10.
Car must be sold in Gasmea.
Cars considered poorly made will be disqualified, make sure your car is minimally drivable.

Entering the competition

After create, test and tuning your car you need to send me on DM here or on my discord (Discord). The deadline will be in 03/11, 23:59 brasília time.

Test phase

The cars will receive scores based on the Engine (Power, Reliability) and the Car (Total Price, Maintenance Value, Comfort, Security, Prestige, Economy, Score(Fun B. + Fun), Styling, Realism, Powertrain), compared with the others participants. Besides that your car will be tested in 1 lap at 2 circuits and will be ranked: Automation Test Track: Race Track Circuit and Hirochi Raceway: Medium Race Circuit. All tests will be done on videos in my YT channel (Noob Entusiasta - YouTube) commented in portuguese but with a note in english translating what I’m think about your car.


Is using 2+2 seats acceptable? Or do we need 4 full seats?

He uses a 2+2 on the video, so i think its ok
is pretty wtf knowing that Tigra is based on Corsa, wtf

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2+2 is accepted but beware of the comfort rule

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Race headers for normally aspirated engines should also be outlawed - the market is looking for road cars, after all.

And I reckon only the trim and variant years must be set to 1995 - the model and family years should be allowed to be from an earlier year for lore’s sake.

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He thought on video that It isnt allowed too, dunno why it isnt on the post

You are correct, I forgot about that. I will including this on the rules.

Rocket Delta X

Are we doing this again?

Yes. Yes we are.

But why?

Because ** P O W E R D O M E **

Power... what?


But for what would it need that?


So this is a Max Power V8 Meme?

HAHA. No. Its cheap american polished turd

Wait what?

We only deal with Truck chassis, Solid axles and 4 speed Autoslushes here ma boi

You know that you just opened the flood gates right?

Let them come


Factory W Introduces it’s new Sub-Branch


Who needs power when you have a sport tuned suspension and weigh less than a metric ton.

You dont need power when you have a sport tuned suspension with the 1995 Howl SC-1!

Economy and Style at an Entry Level Price
Did we mention the sport tuned suspension.

Drive It Today


1995 Shinonome Nano

Shinonome again?

Yes! The futuristic brand that brought you the Hakase!

But why?

Because Shinonome Labs Corporation believes that being forward in innovation and daring to risk in innovative designs is the best way to get the cutting edge in the future.

What have you done this time around?

We have created the Shinonome Nano Keyback, with state-of-the-art technology such as rear top spare wheel relocation, which balances the weight of the vehicle to the top rear and provides it with more inertia when going around corners. Our rear-rear layout too keeps the inertia in-place, keeping the vehicle gripping throughout each corner! Minimalist design is to improve aerodynamics as well, taking the vehicle to high speeds very quick!

That spare tire is unusual…


1995 GEC GS1 2.0 Coupe

A small, light, economical 4-seat sporty coupe, yours for just $20k.

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Rules aren’t coming up for me, oof

1995 Yari Nakaba Samurai Spec

More Pictures with blinding light

Why the Samurai Spec?

Cause why not have a heavy inline 6 at the rear rather then the basic trim I4? 206hp? 237NM of torque? 220kg engine at the back? Perfectly called upon for the name… Get ready for Bushido code cause this thing will snap over steer you into a tree.

34.5 F 65.5 R

Perfectly balanced car! * interruptions * ohhh ahh ok… umm, sorry for that! Perfectly balanced rear-engined speed trap for when you don’t have enough viper in your life. All with the cost of $21,200 dollars!

(Disclaimers, the car does not terminally over steer, but it might snap over steer, have not tested in beamng at all)

Am I bandwagon-ing with the wacky cars? Half correct, wanted to make an MR2 but had to go rear engined saw the memes and said why not. (Has 4 seats dont worry)


You know that Fiat Coupe was for the fastest FWD in straight line until Ford Focus 2 RS debuted? Over 230hp from turbocharged 2.0 inline 5 was real beast back then.


That looks like a McLaren F1 Rear end kinda with the split window

Do you want these cars named something special?

Not necessary, put the name normally

The 1995 Centauri Phoenix. A premium sports car for the working man, sporty looks and slick handling mixed with fuel efficiency, low cost, and a comfortable ride.


1995 Armor Cricket STREET


1995 Libellula Brada
I’m glad to present the first economical daily driver/sleeper from the Libellula Corporation.