[BR] 2020 Automation Rally Competition Homologation Sedans (CLOSED)

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Hi guys, I’m back with another challenge and this time we will create a modern rally sedan for the roads inspired by the legendary WRX STI and Lancer Evo. Does your entry manage to relive the golden times of these cars and make them return to the spotlight as the best performance usable cars?

Engine rules

Age of production: 2020.
Max engine displacement: NA: 3000cc /Turbo: 2000cc.
Max Boost: 1 bar.
Prohibited use of carburetors.
Prohibited use of race intake.
Fuel Type: Premium - 95 RON.
No race headers.
Must have catalytic converter and one muffler at least.
Production Units: 45.
Engineering Time: 140.
Minimum reliability: 70.

Car rules

Age of production: 2020.
Only sedan bodys.
Only 4x4 or AWD.
Max Power Distribution: 75%.
No sequencial transmission.
No Semi Slicks tyres.
Must have, at least, 4 seats.
No “None” Entertainment option.
Must have, at least, TC + ABS.
No “None” Safety option.
Minimum consumption: 12 km/l (11,9 or less = disqualification).
Production Units: 120.
Engineering Time: 150.
Minimum Confort: 14.
Car must be sold in Gasmea.

Entering the competition

After create, test and tuning your car you need to send me on DM here or on my discord (Discord). The deadline will be in day 21, February, 2020, 23:59 brasília time, so don’t rush your creation.

Test Phase and Scores

I will test acceleration, top speed, fuel consumption at 50km/h and 120km/h of your car and race it at Hirochi Raceway Rain: Long Race Circuit, RG Mega Motor Park: Rally Cross Layout 8, always ranking it against the oponents.
Your car will receive scores at engine power and reliability and car total price, maintenance cost, comfort, safety, prestige, fuel consumption, 0-100, top speed, score(Fam. Sport), style, realism and powertrain, ranking it against the oponents.

Does it have to sell as Family Sport or is Family Sport Premium okay?

I’ll get only the score in Family Sport category.

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Then say hello to the…

KGB Longinus

355hp Flat Four through a 7 speed DCT
0-60 in 4.2 seconds
Rally spec wheels

Fast, tough, reliable.
Everything you could possibly need for a mere $42200.


If you allow 2.5L turbos like recent WRXs and Focus RS, I’ll deliver a flat 6 with muuuuch better stats.

Does this mean that no more than 75% of the engine’s torque can go to the rear wheels?

Yes, you can put 75% front or rear at maximum

Restrictions on turbos? Rules state that turbo restrictors are 36 mm, applied to the compressor. This means that compressors should mostly be 36 mm in diameter.

The only turbo restriction in this competition is the 1 bar max boost

I feel it should be reminded to people that lips and spoilers don’t generate downforce in Beam, so tuning aerodynamics will be tricky. are we allowed to put wings on the front under the body work?

The long running Centauri Raider is back with a 2020 facelift, and a new engine. Here in CPV R-spec trim putting out 395hp

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No problem, I think

What do you want the names to be?

That’s damn impressive. The Best I can squeeze is 360hp but I don’t like the curve. That’s a real beast

Not as impressive in power but it’s still over 300

FWM Amavi GS-S.Spec

The flat 4 design just isn’t ideal right now in game as you can only do parallel twin turbos, so you’ll always have late peaky power if you push it hard. A big turbo 3 like the real life Gazoo Racing just made however gets a better curve. Boost comes on around 3500rpms and keeps burning till the 8700 fuel cut, and with the right gearing it still produces 12kms/L.

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With an inline-3 I’m reaching the same kind of peak power I do with a flat-4 but I’m not getting anywhere near the same fuel economy. While the Flat-4 spools later, at the top end it’s signficantly flatter and about 8% more efficient.

I think I’ll settle on the now 355hp Flat-4 for that nice smoothness (bonus 53.1 higher) that’s giving me a big bonus on comfort. I have no idea how you manage 395hp, that’s proper tuning magic.


Don’t worry about that, only put the brand of the car and model normally


Well it ended up being only 390hp, damn customers wanting comfort and convenience features, but i guess 5 hp is a fair trade for 25 market category points, even if it means a 0-62 of 4.5secs instead of 3.9

My CPV engineers are not happy with the compromise, but the budget accountants are.

Did you receive my DM with my car submission (Dudecia EVO 2020)?

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