Brake fade bugged?

I can’t seem to reduce brake fade below 50% in the latest version. Changing pad type and maxing out brake cooling doesn’t help, it just stays at 50%. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

That would definitely be a bug! I think you somehow have so little fade that it flipped into infinite fade xD I’ll have a look if I can reproduce this. Try to lower brake quality and cooling airflow to zero and see if it persists.

Tried minimizing quality, pad type, and disc size. Drivability and utility fade went up, sportiness stayed at 50%.

Another thing I notice is that your demographics score is very low. Is that maybe linked?

I think that’s just due to the -50% sportiness due to brake fade.

That would only affect the sportiness stat, some other test must have broken. Could you upload your .car file for this car causing it? You can do so by from the car manager choosing to save the car for sharing.


Here you go.

Excelsior - (15.6 KB)

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@Killrob @CWRules I’d hate to revive an old thread, but I figured out the problem: there’s simply not enough braking power and the proper pad type. Yes, the lines say you have enough brake force, but they still fade to heck. I had this problem on a hypercar I’m making, and testing in show that the brakes fade way before they even lock up! What really helps with the brake fade is going 6 piston front brakes (as opposed to just 2) and then tweaking the brake bias and pad type to mitigate fade. See for yourself:

Bare minimum tweaking:

Properly tuned:

That is exactly why you see cars irl with 5-6 pistons and larger than life rotors (or so I think). That’s a good way to tune (IMO), but only driveable/feasible when ABS is unlocked in game and budget is not a problem for the demographics :slight_smile:

Carbon ceramic brakes are bugged, that is the reason, they give you about as good brake fade as drum brakes. In Automation they are fine, the export is not correct.

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Yeah, I noticed that too. Plus, for some reason, on this car that I made and exported, the brakes start at 500 degrees F and don’t drop below that, when all other cars start normally at 58 F.

If the little notification thingy telling me my car shows signs of the brakes fading is gone does that mean my car has zero brake fade? Or where do I check brake fade in UE4?

You check brake fade for all applications in the top right of the brake graph.

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