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BRC: 1970 Nürburgring 24h [BONUS]

Tanaka Enters the 1970 FIA Group 4 Race!

And they are doing it with their one and only sports car at that time, the C28X. In 1970, the C28X was in its last legs as Tanaka couldn’t afford to continue producing these cars. So, as a supposedly “final” edition, they debuted the TXS version to compete in the FIA Group 4 road racing.

The 1970 Tanaka C28X TXS.

More pics for the homoligation verson...

The #43 Fujisaki Tanaka C28X TXS Group 4 Race Car.

Even more pics for the race car version...


Midlands managed to put out a decent showing for the racing debut of their lightweight MR sports car, the 1970 Midlands Libra. They also managed to gain the backing of prominent sponsor Martini & Rossi, so even if the #53 car doesn’t end up winning the group 3 under 2000 cc class, there will still be plenty of champagne waiting in the pits after the race.

The primary drivers are S. Breedlove from the US and Z. Wulfrith fron the UK, though G. Harkness will be on standby if something happens with either of the other two.

Team Midlands wishes the other 5 competitors in their class good luck and fair weather for race day.

(Also oof I’m up against killrob in this class, so that’ll be interesting)


The Autodelta Endurance Racing Team would like to present their 1970 Nürburgring 24h contestant: The Autodelta Hinde

Hinde is a Dutch term for doe, a female deer. This light and agile animal is perfectly at home in the Eifel region. Doe normally don’t grow big antlers, unless they have unusual high testosterone levels. And judging by the huge antlers on the badges of the Autodelte Hinde this doe is filled with testosterone. Ready to fight everything coming on their path with a powerful 2 liter four cylinder engine.

The Group 2 Autodelta Hinde endurance racer is shown here together with the homologation model and the Autodelta race support vehicles



What happened to the BRCTool we had in BRC76. It was really useful.
The BRCTool would probably help people submit legal cars.

yeah they should just buy the der bayer thing, polish it up and have a online ladder going on with public/private room and custom rules that tie directly into the car designer. it’d be GLORIOUS

anyway, you all following the Killrob racing tutorial? I’m confused when he says 1.07 cornering on sports is a great stat, this is my gr1 with sports (which is lugging like 400kg more around corners):


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The general formula for this race is how much camber vs how much tire wear and the latter’s impact on drivability. I believe Der_Bayer made a post describing these calculations earlier.

Judging from the views of the two videos that Killrob hosted, I can see very soon many more people wanting to compete. I doubt anyone who is not an auto enthusiast plays this game, and most auto enthusiasts like some form of motorsport. I hope this time things do not stop, because not only does it open up a new dimension to the game, it will draw more people to the game. What I want from this type of multiplayer is to submit a design, then at whatever the scheduled time is for the actual race, I can cast the event to my TV and watch it like any other motorsport, preferably with models of our cars racing on 3d tracks. I made a few other points that I still think have a place in this game when I bought it a few years ago. It surprised me to see how much time I have spent tinkering on pretend cars since then.

Hello - first post - this is your fault


That martini livery is just nggghhhh

“The Aubergine Scream”

    The Atlas 1670S


GMF Sprint RS1000 (No. 93 Team Dunlap Racing)

(Group 1 - 1,000cc)

The GMF Sprint RS1000 with two of the hired drivers for the Dunlap Racing Team

The GMF Sprint RS1000 is a limited production racecar built to FIA Group 1 specifications. The original solid axle rear end of the GMF Sprint 750 has been replaced with independent suspension for improved handling and
cornering. The 750cc Flat-twin has also been upgraded to a Miller Company race-built 986cc 4-cylinder SOHC 8-valve engine. The RS1000 is a no-nonesense purpose-built track monster and should not be underestimated.

:jp: Lorna Endō
:jp: Lisa Sakakino
:uganda: Doyukno Dawae




will this car by any chance be driven to keep AI driven cars in control in the distant future?


If it survives 24 hours of the green hell, sure! :wink:


Race Car Deadline Status Update

So the official race car deadline has passed now. Not everybody submitted, but most of the participants did. Here’s an update on the status.

Car Numbers

These people still need to claim their car numbers here:


I have already processed and sent practice results from 60 competitors.

These cars have passed automatic scrutineering and are now in the pipeline for generating the practice results. It will take a bit until I find time to do these, just to let you know.

If you have sent your race car, you should have received a PM with practice results or you should find your name in the list above. If not, please let me know.

When I have done the practice results, I will send those in a PM together with more instructions on the final race entry and the strategy submission.

Race Car Submission

I am still missing race cars from these entries:

These recent submissions have failed automatic scrutineering (again ~30% failure rate since Saturday) and have one last chance to be fixed and resubmitted:

All of the participants above have been notified in a PM about the reasons.

  • PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to the rules and the allowed modifications. You are now submitting your race car after the official deadline. This will be your last chance to submit a valid race car.
  • If the car is not built according to the rules or if you don’t submit until Saturday, September 19, 2 p.m. CEST, your homologation car will go into the race. You will get practice results for the homologation car and a chance to submit a race strategy afterwards. This entry form is mandatory. If now provided -> DQ (for real this time)

When I have done the practice results, I will send those in a PM together with more instructions on the final race entry and the strategy submission.

Strategy Submissions

The deadline for strategy submissions will need to be postponed because of many last minute submissions and other stuff i need to take care of.

  • New deadline: not before 23rd of September.

This also means the race will not take place before the real-life 24h race on 26th/27th.

Cabrera Fulgor 300s

Group 3 - 3000cc


Team Howler Robobro Racing presents the Howler Vudu R NBR #7 piloted by Torq Sidvusson, Hlanla Kanttinen and Samuel Wondersley.

The team originally wanted to base a car on the Howler Rogue R6 coupe. Unfortunately, continued, relentless, stubborn testing proved the aerodynamics (and wheel wells) of the Rogue to be a poor fit for the upper end of Group 4 on a high speed track. Howler Robobro Racing had to pivot to the Vudu platform relatively late in the development process.

Howler Vudu R NBR #7 posing with the Team Howler Robobro support vehicle:

Vudu R NBR #7, Vudu R production vehicle and mothballed Rogue R6 project:

More pictures


Status Update

All practice results have been sent and I am now waiting for the missing race entry forms to be filled. 4 or 5 participants will have their homologation cars in the race, as they missed to send a race car.

Car Numbers

These people still need to claim their car numbers here:

Deadline: Friday, September 25, 6 a.m. CEST

If no car number is chosen until then, you are not in the race. The link can be found in the rules spreadsheet.

Race Entry Forms

I am still missing completed race entry forms (see my PM with the practice results to you for the link) from these participants:

This entry form is mandatory. If not provided until the deadline, you are not in the race.

Deadline: Friday, September 25, 6 a.m. CEST


Overview: Groups & Classes

Now that I have sent all practice results, it is time to publish the overview of how the cars are distributed in the classes. Please let me know if you think that you are placed in the wrong group and/or class.

To make it into the final ranking and to be able to grab a trophy, each car must do at least 50% of the overall winner’s lap count - so nobody has won anything yet, not even in the quite empty classes! :slight_smile:


lol I’m still written incorrectly :stuck_out_tongue:
But it’s ok. But good luck on your hosting. I think I’ll enjoy this.

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OK, my prediction…

I’ll be:-
3rd in Class
11th in Group
Plumb-last at the end.


When should we be expecting the race or results for?

Have you considered sharing the race or part of (highlights?) through a YT or a Tw**ch video as you did with the touring cars?

Keep the good job!!

I cannot tell yet when it will happen, but if everything works as planned, there will be a 24h Youtube live stream followed by a sped-up version (probably around 2.4h long). Both will be without commentary.