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BRC: 1970 Nürburgring 24h [BONUS]

It’s called DOWNFORCE, as in force aimed downwards.

Not lift cancelling. Just FYI. :wink:


Group 3 Top Trump Cards


Anyone else get the feeling that one of Killrob’s drivers is a penis joke?


It is. They are all his PCM letsplay rider. So sad that Niklas Svensson didnt get a seat.

I don’t watch them, so I guess I miss all the good material.

Group 4 Top Trump Cards (Part I)


Group 4 Top Trump Cards (Part II)


OMG ! Those fuel economy :rofl:


you’re now entering gasmea, population: oil


42.4l/100km, holy moly


Should be forbidden to use the word “economy” to describe this.:rofl:
Fuel “consumption”, or maybe “quaffing”.:thinking::beers:

You could probably power one of the Group 1 cars from the excess dribbling out of the exhaust.


Can’t start!! Already drained the tank :rofl:


Less than 200km with that car’s race tank capacity of regular driving and the tank would be empty :joy:

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Ohhh those cards look amazing!!!

I must educate myself in ways of livery :thinking:

Trolecoster does not have outrages consuption??? Something must be off…

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@AirJordan No turbo, but don’t worry. I threw a ridiculous 429 CI pushrod V8 in a monster of a muscle car to keep the spirit alive. It burns fuel almost as fast as tires. Shouldn’t be on the track long enough for the drivers to make a mistake.

@Marv666 I’m calculating about 162 miles per tank at race speed. It would probably double that under normal conditions, which is on par for 1969-1970 US “economy” on high performance engines and heavy duty engines.

Point is, I know I’m not good enough at this to win, so I wanted to have fun.


Is that your roadcar? Because it’s so heavy and it’s got no numbers or livery

It’s not much different from the road car. I probably could have skimped on weight in the safety realm or something else, but I’m anticipating a crash and I’d like my drivers to be able to walk away.

I only have a couple of hours into this endeavor overall.

Guess I’m not the only 429 lol
Mine’s DAOHC instead of pushrod though

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Mine is based on the Ford 385 series. Is yours the same bore and stroke?

Kinda my own thing based on the Mad Max game’s Big Chief 429. When I made it DAOHC I decided to lore it as a competitor to Ford’s 427 SOHC. Bore is 4.5" and stroke is 3.4". I just fiddled around until displacement was exactly 429.0 ci