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BRC: 1970 Nürburgring 24h [BONUS]

Was the previous strategy deadline for both races or is there time to change anything for Sunday’s one?

It was for both races. I recorded both videos already, sorry.

Wow, these new features sound brilliant. I had played some Motorsport Manager recently and got a bit bored, but these events seem like they satisfy that same interest while having way more depth to the actual car design portion.

I’m mostly joking when I point this out, but fans of Motorsport Manager have been craving a sequel, and aren’t likely to get one, aside from perhaps an F1 manager by a different developer. If automation included a racing/management side of gameplay, it might actually be in a good place in the market. But I, like many others, am probably dreaming when imagining such a thing being developed officially.

Thanks for the response! I look forward to seeing what comes next.


Yes yes yes yes yes…I’m a fan.

Hey, a class win is not half bad indeed! I forgot to send in a proper strategy too, so it’s a little surprising that my car was able to beat the FWD class leader.

Bonus Race 2 Results

Here are the results of the 2nd bonus race:

BRC70_Clermont-Ferrand_Results.zip (92.6 KB)

That wraps this challenge up! Thank you all for participating and for your feedback! See you again soon :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff! Gained 10+ placese due to superior race pace. Congrats to tier winners!

Why has my car #32 ran 10kg of fuel extra all the time? I did strategy with a lap or two less that ful tank milage and I thought that would make sense car will take that much less fuel in, no?

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Sorry for the late reply, I now finally tried to understand your excess fuel issue. Your car did pit after the number of laps you chose in your strategy. But it was initialized (as any other car) with a 20% + 2kg safety margin. The 20% was done to account for the flying start, but I think I need to do that differently by adding a higher percentage for a single lap, not for all of the laps. During the race, cars are refilled with 10% + 2 kg safety margin.

It was the same for everybody, just maybe you had a bigger effect by a lower fuel consumption in the rain or your strategy which did not fill up the fuel tank completely by just calculating #laps * estimated consumption. During the 2nd stint you had 10.x kg left (a bit less, but still more than most of the others). You refilled to a full tank (60.6) because 20 laps * 2.66 kg/lap * 1.1 + 2 = 60.52, so that is fine.

So the numbers show that your car apperantly used significantly less fuel than estimated after practice during the race, cause by rain and/or other effects (maybe your car just had unusually high fuel consumption during practice?).

tried doing dynamic fuel consumption estimations during the race in previous BRCs, but it didn’t work out too well. When it dries up, cars use more fuel again, and can run out of fuel at the end of the race. That’s why I think I will keep the systems as it is, before I fuck things up seriously. :slight_smile:


Thanks for great reply mate! Will take that in consideration when doing next car/strategy.