Brenracer's Car Designs


I figured I might as well follow the band wagon and create a car design thread!
I’ll post more in a bit, I am still fairly new to the game, and I need to get used
to these controls.

Stay Classy!

I have created a new late 60’s Muscle car. The Archie 6ixer includes an inline - 6
engine, with a Four-On-The-Floor manual transmission. I tried to get the old
Charger look with a full front grill, as well as boxed in rear lights. One of my
first attempts at a realistic car, there will be improvements to come

This is just an improvement of the 6ixer with 50+ HP! Improvements are a V8 engine,
and in the iconic “Plum Crazy” Color the old dodge chargers had. It also has bigger
wheels and tires, better treads, and some vents to keep the engine nice and cool

A new Merc like Station-Wagon. Decided to try something comparable to an E series, with a
small 1.5 Liter Inline-4 Turbo, that is as powerful as it is fuel efficient.

Thats an estate


Thanks for correcting me on this. Sorry about the wrong term, I made that post at around 3:00 AM.

Station Wagon and Estate are the same thing. One’s the English version (Estate) and the other is the American phrasing (Station Wagon).

IIRC, it was referred to as a hatchback in the post before.

Yeah, it was referred to as a hatchback before the estate comment. :wink: