Brets Company

The Brets Company emerged in January 26, 1929. Initially as a closed capital industry, established its headquarters in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil. Having the objective reinvent the Brazilian automotive industry, we created custom vehicles produced to meet the needs of each particular client. The company has evolved considerably after the stock market crash in 1929. The United States were the largest buyer of Brazilian coffee, with the crisis, the import of this product has greatly diminished and Brazilian coffee prices plummeted. With the coffee crisis many farmers have started investing in the industrial sector, increasing the growth of Brazilian industry. With 85 years on the market, with a primary focus in the development, the company operates in three areas: Development of new technologies, Developing engines for automotive vehicles and Development of specific vehicles.

Model 1 - Sporting

Model 2 - Sporting

Model 3 - Electric

Model 4 - Sporting

Model 5 - Economic



I really like the rear of the Model 1!

Carros legais!

@jhd1124 - I’m surprised, because the rear is where I have the most difficulty. I am eagerly waiting for more announcements from your company, mainly those you change the background.

@LoucurasdoPortal - Muito Obrigado. Fico bastante feliz por saber que cada vez mais brasileiros participam do fórum. Qualquer coisa me mande um MP.