British Rivals: Comeback [END]

Hello guys,

there are many different challenges here on the forums, but most of them only focus on a small part of car design and engineering or are very subjectively judged by the host - so I thought it was time to try it myself again with a different kind of challenge in order to find the best-selling cars, without relying on Automations market demographics. The challenge will consist of three parts covering aesthetic (Part I) and technical aspects (Part II & III), each of them contributing to the overall score (Part I: 20%, Part II: 50%, Part III: 30%). The second/third part will be revealed after the first/second part is finished and judged. Surprises!

As I said, the judging will not depend on my opinion, but for example the community’s votes, thus I’ll enter a reasonable reference car as well. The scoring system itself will be determined when I know the number of entries.

Basic rule for all parts of the challenge: no meme cars. I’ll disqualify accordingly if necessary. Anything not stated in the rules is open to your interpretation.

Have fun!

British Rivals: Comeback

Part I: The Eyecatcher

It is the 90s and your company is planning to come back to the british family car market with a new model in the C- or D-segment. The previous model generation has not done well, thus a structured project has been laid out by your supervisors to re-gain as many customers as possible. You will show a concept of the car design to the public at the London Motorfair in 1993 to get a feeling if the public likes it or not.

Car Restrictions

  • model year 1993
  • car length at least 4.20 m (as shown in the final “Design” tab)
  • car body from 1984 or later
  • one variant of the used body must have at least 4 doors. Vans/MPVs/SUVs might not be beneficial in the later part of the challenge - you have been warned.
  • chassis options: make appropriate choices so that you can turn this car into a sellable family car later on. This will be required to be successful later in the technical part of the competition. You may change your choices in part II, though, in case you think it is necessary.

Banned car bodies:



In a poll, every participant will give a score between 1 and 5 to all entries depending on how they like the design. Try to be fair and consistent in your voting. You will vote for your own car, too, to simplify the judgement. If everybody gives their own car 5 points, this effect will level out over the whole field, so just do it. Only challenge participants are allowed to vote.

In the end, not the star rating is relevant to your Part I score, only the relative rank of the car is relevant. So don’t be afraid to enter a less nice looking car - it might still score a lot of points for this part of the challenge. And there’s the technical parts still coming up!


Send your exported car file (no multiple entries, as usual) in a private message to me with the following naming convention:

Model name: Rivals - “your name”
Trim name: “your complete car name”

Ads are not required, but encouraged in order to build up some awareness in the community about your future moneymaker.

DEADLINE (Part I): 17th of July 2020, 06:00 a.m. CEST

DEADLINE (Part II): 27th of July 2020, 06:00 a.m. CEST
DEADLINE (Part III): 7th of August 2020, 06:00 a.m. CEST

Entries received (July 17, 6:00 a.m. CEST): 28


Please note that one 5-star rating for each player is not counted (the vote for yourself), even though shown as a vote in the table. One player (WelcometoCostcoILU) is out of the challenge, due to not voting and not providing a car for Part II.

British Rivals: Comeback

Part II: The Moneymaker

With the response from the public in the bag it is now time to finalize the new car for the masses! Find a good balance between the car’s capabilities, practicality and cost. Should it be on the cheap, sporty or prestigious side? It’s your choice. The public will decide about your success in the end. Make sure to stay within the development time frame!

Car Restrictions

  • must use the same car model family from Part I.
  • trim year: 1994
  • car length: at least 4.20 m (as shown in the final “Design” tab)
  • max. engineering time: 100 months
  • you may make changes to the chassis tab (compared to Part I) before creating the trim for Part II, but keep the model year as it was.

Engine Restrictions

  • max. 6 cylinders
  • smallest possible engine capacity (by using the sliders in the “Bottom End” tab) <= 2000 cc*
  • recommendation for future Part III: engine family capacity at least 1950 cc (This means it must be possible to create engines smaller than 2000 cc and it should be possible to create engines larger than 1950 cc with the engine family you are using. You may use smaller or larger engine variants this round, this is up to you.)
  • Fuel: 95 RON
  • catalytic converter required
  • max. engineering time: 100 months

Please let me know if there are concerns/questions about the rules.


The following steps need to be done to complete the Part II submission:

  • you must have participated in Part I
  • send in a complete vote for the Part I design poll, as sent to you in a PM
  • send your exported car file for Part II to me with the following naming convention:
    Model name: Rivals - “your name”
    Trim name: “car name”
  • enter your car stats correctly here:
    Google Spreadsheet
    This document will be the basis for your judging and you will decide which stats are important to you. I will lock your column once I have received the .car file and check the numbers.
    Please let me know if something seems to be wrong with the spreadsheet!
  • (optional, but recommended) post an advertisement (single image) in the challenge thread to gain awareness and also add it to the Google Spreadsheet


The Judging will be done with a poll again - you choose your favourites in a private poll and are not allowed to vote for your own car.

DEADLINE (Part II): 27th of July 2020, 06:00 a.m. CEST

DEADLINE (Part III): 7th of August 2020, 06:00 a.m. CEST

Entries received so far (July 27, 6:00 a.m. CEST): 27/28


British Rivals: Comeback

Part III: The Race Winner

All your major competitors are trying to boost their sales by being successful in the very popular British Touring Car Championship - so it’s a must for you to join as well! Build a Super Touring Homologation Special and prepare it for the races.

Car Restrictions

  • must be built as new trim of car model from Part II (i.e. no changes to chassis tab and body family)
  • trim year 1994
  • at least 4 doors
  • car length 4.20 m or more
  • 2wd only (RWD and FWD is allowed)
  • no automatic gearbox
  • tires: Semi Slicks Q0, max width 225 mm, diameter 650 mm or smaller; profile at least 50 or higher
  • please do not morph the wheel arches wider than the original car design - except if it is absolutely necessary to house the 225 mm tires
  • aero quality: 0
  • no active aero, no cooling flaps
  • sum of downforce front+rear (from test track tab): <= 100.0 kg
  • no ABS/ESP
  • only passive suspension parts (only top two rows of springs and damper choices)
  • car weight at least: FWD 975kg; RWD 1025kg. Go wild with negative safety and body quality to get close to this mark.
  • engineering time: 90.0 or less
  • 1 seat is enough
  • it is encouraged to keep the basics of the original car design from part II
  • race car liveries are encouraged

Engine rules

  • must be built on same engine family as part II, with the exception of the following rule:
  • you are allowed to clone the engine family and switch the head type/valve count to 4 valve DOHC. The rest of the family must stay the same. If you already have 5 valves from the previous round, you may keep them. You are allowed to switch to 4 valves if it makes life easier for you.
  • engine variant year: 1994
  • engine size: 2000 cc or smaller
  • no titanium parts
  • no VVT/VVL
  • must be naturally aspirated
  • rev limiter: max. 8500 rpm
  • Fuel 100 RON
  • loudness <= 80
  • catalytic converter required
  • engineering time: 115.0 or less
  • recommended reliability: > ~30 (engine failures might still happen above that - you’re just reducing the chances for that to happen)


Your car’s score will be determined by its performance in the BRC race simulation compared to the other cars on the following tracks:

  • Thruxton
  • Brands Hatch Indy
  • Snetterton
  • Oulton park international
  • Knockhill
  • Donington park GP

Download for testing here: British Touring Car Track Pack

Race Format

  • Race length 2x50 km (no pit stops required)
  • top 10 cars of race 1 will start with reverse grid in race 2
  • Success ballast adjustment after each race, based on last race performance (1/3) and current championship position (2/3). Weight penalty up to 9% of total car weight.

Hint for the old farts experienced BRC players: Tyre wear has been reduced (factor 0.5) compared to previous challenges.


Send your exported car file to me with the following naming convention:

Model name: Rivals - “your name”
Trim name: “car name”

Please add your name next to your preferred car number in this list: Google Spreadsheet

Don’t forget to also put it onto your car (although it is not mandatory to do so).

DEADLINE (Part III): 13th of August 2020, 06:00 a.m. CEST


how are you meant to use a 1984 body on a 1983 car?

nvm it’s 1993

Is that up to 4.2m or over it? As the inspirations cars would be at least 4.5m long

At least 4.2 - I’ll make it more obvious in the OP.

Would a MK1 Vectra (Vauxhall) be better than using a MK3 Cavalier (Vauxhall) as inspiration, as the MK1 Vectra came out in '95 as these are meant to be concepts?

Yes, the Mk3 Cavalier was quite dated - just aim for early to mid 90s design-wise and you’re fine.

Since I have some company lore already established, what year will this car be expected to hit the market? This will affect what brand I submit from.

1994 - so the concept shown at the motor fair should be close to the production model.

could we adjust the criteria to use bodies from 75 onwards because thers a specific body that is a 70s one that might work here @Der_Bayer

Can we submit multiple trim levels as concepts or just 1?

Catalytic converters were mandatory throughout Europe from 1993 onwards, so it makes sense that they will be required here as well.

No, I don’t think I will adjust the rules because of one body. There are plenty to choose from in the given period.

Just 1, as usual.

There are no technical restrictions for the showcar except the ones I listed. Part I of the challenge is about aesthetics only.

This could work… :thinking:


Mk1 Vectra (Vectra A) was a Mk3 Cavalier branded as the Opel Vectra.

The Vectra we got, in the UK in '95, was the Vectra B, i.e. Mk2. :slight_smile:

Franklin Marshall Horizon 1.6e.


Iramitsu Koi L 1.6


BAM Bavaria


Hence why I used said Vauxhall, not Opel. Makes you wonder though, why Opel dropped the Ascona name.

Are modded car bodies allowed or is it only the base vanilla bodies?

Mod bodies and mods in general are allowed. Please make sure to not select something completely broken though (I saw one with 1L interior space for example).

In addition to that: Please let me know if you think a specific mod (body or fixtures) is potentially cheaty and I’ll ban its use. I have not tried all the options myself, so if you know of anything I should be aware of, just give me a hint.