Broken BeamNG export vehicle, used to work

I have a vehicle that I previously exported to BeamNG and drove for a while, after the most recent updates (lcv 4.1.8) I was playing around and decided to make a few small tweaks to this car and re-export it, the newly exported version seems to have a messed up gearbox. 1st gear ratio is far too high. I looked at the engine jbeam file and it looks fine to my inexpert eyes, but the car just doesn’t work right.

I have attached the .car and beam .zip file.
oops, as new user I can’t do that yet…

Cars I created on the new lcv 4.1.8 have exported fine, but this is the only vehicle I had exported previously, updated in Automation and attempted to export again. Any ideas?

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That will be fixed in the next patch which we hope will be ready today.

Cool, glad to know you guys are already on it!

In a similar way, I’ve noticed that cars imported to Beam seem to be far more aerodynamic than intended. Usually the top speed is lower than Automation says, but I’ve noticed that every import for a few updates consistently hits the top speed limiter. I don’t set a top speed limiter usually, but if you don’t set one then the limiter is set at your theoretical top speed in Automation.

The good news is, the exporter is fixed! My test car’s handling is significantly improved compared to previous iterations and there’s a very noticeable difference in the car’s behavior as you use different types of tires. I’m really impressed with the latest 4.1.11 beta updates.

As @Watermelon3878 mentioned, I also noticed the cars are way more aerodynamic than they should be. The 1/4 mile trap speeds of all my test cars are consistently around 7-8 mph too fast. If nothing’s changed in the aero department, since this is a new tire model, my guess would be the rolling resistance calculations are bit too forgiving.

All in all, great job on the BeamNG export updates! :+1:t4:

Merry Christmas to all! :christmas_tree: