[BRS] BOY RACING SERIES CHAPTER 1: Lexus SC300 Tuning Challenge


This is the first chapter (hopefully of many) of a scored car tuning competition in the same vein as the ARM (Automation RestoMod) competition. The primary goal of the challenge is to take (close) replicas of tuners from around the world and make track/drag ready cars with modified engines and body kits (think F&F, NFS, and the rest of 2000s tuner culture). This round, I’ll be supplying you with a replica 1998 Lexus SC300 (2JZ-GE, 5 speed Automatic, VVT). The year of the car is allowed to be set between 1998 and 2010. 2000s tuning tech is fully allowed and encouraged. The body style, chassis, and engine cannot be swapped out for different options, but everything else can be changed to entrant’s spec. Entries will be scored on several factors which will be outlined further down the page, and aesthetic scoring will be done via community vote. Entries open on 2/27/2021 @ 12AM CST, and close 3/13/2021 @12AM CST

.CAR FILE: Kyorg_-_(Your_Name_Here)Clone-_Lexus_LC300_Tuned.car (82.5 KB)

.car file is fully vanilla, so even if you’re running vanilla automation you should be able to participate.

Download the .car file.
Import the car into Automation.
Clone car model and engine family, set desired year
Extremely useful video by @cake_ape documenting this process:

Engine Family Name: BRS1– [forum name]
Engine Variant Name: [engine name]
Car Model Name: BRS1– [forum name]
Car Trim Name: [car name]

Leave the engine as a 2012- this is an issue as a mistake on my part. Unfortunately, fixing it would require everyone to restart and that doesn’t feel necessary.

All mods are allowed (including Borisu’s weights), Running public branch, Submit via Forum DM or Discord DM (@Kyorg#5597)


Cost Limit = $200k - this is only in place to avoid quality cheesing, and should not be used as a guideline.

No Maximum quality, Minimum -9 quality

Suspension Type, Drivetrain, Wheels, Brakes, Aerodynamics, Interior and Suspension Tuning are all allowed
to be changed to entrant’s spec

Four wing/lip maximum

Year is between 1998 and 2010 – bodykit styling should generally follow chosen year.






NO CABIN MORPHING, NO TOP OF TRUNK MORPHING, everything else is on the table for morphing. Try to keep it looking like it was derived from the original car.





COST: The maximum cost is 200k. There’s no maximum quality setting for your builds, but keeping your cost lower is better. Push as much performance as you can on as little money as you can muster, and you’ll get big points in this category. The original car costs $40,400; the closer you are to that original number the better.

TRACK TIME IMPROVEMENT: The stock SC300 currently runs the automation test track (in automation) in 2:29:98. Destroy that track time- the faster the AI rounds the track the better. If you can beat your fellow tuners on the track, you’ll get big points in this category.

AESTHETICS: Aesthetic score is decided by community vote. Make a good-looking body kit or livery (or both!) and win up to a 35% boost to overall score (1st place in the community survey) Even if you aren’t the best at tuning, if you make the best-looking car you still have a good shot at winning the challenge; making a good-looking kit will earn you big points across the board.


HORSEPOWER: The stock 2JZ-GE makes 224.9 bhp. Those are rookie numbers, let’s get them up! Having the most horsepower may not always be practical, but its definitely something you can brag about and as such getting big horsepower out of the 2JZ will get you big points in this category.

QUARTER MILE TIME IMPROVEMENT: The stock SC300 runs the quarter mile in 15.78s – while this challenge is primarily aiming to build track cars, winning drag races on the weekends will win you big points in this category. Get that number down.


SPORTINESS IMPROVEMENT: The stock score of 28.9 reflects the SC300’s status as a “luxury” coupe- but we’re building a track car here, so get that number up. You’ll get points for having a good sportiness score.

WEIGHT SAVINGS: The stock SC300 weighs in at 3535lbs – getting this number lower will not only help your track time but is also another bragging point. As such, you’ll get some points for reducing the weight of the car.


RELIABILITY: Try to keep reliability around the original score of 66.1- Big points aren’t gonna be found here but having a decent reliability score may give you a marginal advantage.

DRIVABILITY IMPROVEMENT: The stock score of 50.2 may be difficult to improve on, but the goal is to beat the other tuners and not necessarily the stock score. Getting a good drivability score will get you some points.


COMFORT: Not important. Keep it >1 so you’re not sitting on a literal brick, but any comfort score above 1 isn’t necessary and will not earn you points.

FUEL ECONOMY: Not important. This is a track car, not a daily driver, and the fuel tank is big enough that even with 1 mpg you’ll be able to run some laps.







These won’t get your entry binned, but they may hurt your score. It may still be worthwhile to take the score hit if it improves your other stats enough to offset.

Drivetrain/Engine Orientation swaps come with 10% overall cost penalty – finding a native SC300 manual transmission or replacing the transmission with one substantially more modern is expensive and it’s not like you can sell the old automatic transmission to recoup costs. Doing a 4WD (or FWD?) swap is equivalently expensive, as is swapping engine mounts.

Changing engine internal materials comes with a 10% overall cost penalty as it requires a full engine rebuild – make use of the already existing forged internals, that’s what this engine is famous for anyway.

Turbo Spool over 3000rpm comes with a 5% sportiness penalty – While it is already factored into drivability, 2JZ turbo spool is notoriously long and aiming to reduce that while achieving high horsepower numbers is ideal.



Base Cost: 40400
Base Sportiness: 29
Base Drivability: 50.3
Base Reliability: 66.2
Base Weight: 3537.1lb / 1604kg
Base Automation Test Track Time: 2:29:98
Base Quarter Mile Time: 15.78s
Base Horsepower: 225
Base Transmission: 5 speed Adv. Automatic paired to Longitudinal 2JZ-GE

Inspiration: Inspiration - Album on Imgur

REMINDER: Entries open at 2/27/2021 @ 12AM CST, and close at 3/13/2021 @12AM CST


Don’t forget the bit about model/family cloning from ARM!


Quick note that the .car file has been replaced after a morph reset bug- hopefully it is fixed, if it is not, just morph the rear bumper out a little bit. As a result of this, morphing rules have been properly added so that everything makes sense and this challenge should be fully ready to launch tomorrow.

For those who already have progress on the original version of the body, don’t worry - you can continue with that car as it is, just morph the rear bumper to fit the fixtures back there. No other stats or details were changed so you’re still good to go.

Also I have been made aware that the engine imports as a 2012, which is beyond the scope of the years of this competition. This was a mistake on my part when putting together the car. However, because people have already started builds and I don’t want to be unfair to them or force them to restart, I’m going to continue without changing the file again. I would have to retune the car with a 1998 engine which would change the overall stats of the base car. As such, just leave the engine year at 2012.

By the way, for those who are less familiar with the tuning aspect of Automation, you can see where your turbo fully spools on the torque and boost tab of the main engine graph as shown above. This boost curve spools right before you would receive the 5% sportiness penalty for going over 3000rpm.

No Invisible/Hidden wings

Just to make sure, I assume this also includes the “Wing very far from body” exploit? It’s currently possible to position a wing arbitrarily far from the rear of the car, gaining a massive amount of rear downforce at the cost of massive front lift. Within Auto’s simulation, that allows RWD cars to achieve much better performance - but it’s clearly against the spirit of that rule to have a wing floating in midair 5 meters behind the car with zero supports, even if you haven’t listed it there.

EDIT: Also, any rules on changing Valvetrain or adding VVL, and any rules on octane? As it stands, it’s fully legal to add VVL and make it run on 100 Octane. Just wanna check.

100 octane is legal, but VVL is not since it would involve modifying the engine family which is against the rules.
Also, the wing very far from body exploit is also not allowed, yeah.

after testing, a cost limit of 200k has been put in place to avoid a quality spam win. Don’t aim for around 200k as it will likely lose you the cost segment, and if you cross that threshold it will result in an instabin.

This should be the last rule change for the next two weeks. I look forward to seeing all of your entries!

Can we use any kind of fuel as long as it’s unleaded?

yes sir

The K-Dog crew is ready to announce it will be a contender for the BRS title. The K-Dogs are definitely not screwing around this time!


Sneak Preview Time


As announced, the K-Dog crew is proud and ready to unveil its next tuned masterpiece.

Lexus SC300 - Princess Woody

by the K-Dog crew

This beautiful Lexus SC300 has been stripped bare with the removal of most seats, finished with tasteful aluminum interior panels and enhanced by a highly customized aero kit for extra downforce down the streets of LA.

A HiFi system has been installed to improve the driving experience on this dropped racing suspension, which (somewhat) compensates for the removal of the power steering. At least you’ll get good exercise.

The 2JZ-GE at the center of this beast has been let loose without any dampening, the exhaust has been put in it’s natural place, and a 27 psi turbo has been professionally(-ish) mounted and tuned. It has been mated with a 6-speed sequential transmission acquired through completely legal means.

The dashboard and console has been rebuilt with spare parts as it was partly destroyed in a fit of rage (we have to assume). Original style was somehow retained, but all airbags and useless security mechanisms did not make it.

The wheels have also been swapped out for ultra-wide slick tires mounted on a gold plated alloy spinner rim, for when your charm and good looks are just not good enough.

The hood was cut open for extra cooling and was replaced, along with some paneling, by aluminum ones. Racing striped were added to help performance. Flames too.

Feel the heat with this RS badged beast! (extra wood glue not included)

K-Dog represents!

Oh, and BTW, our crack engineers (well pretty much Big Tony in his dad’s basement) did some additional upgrades and it has 900 hp now and does 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. At least once.

Gallery of this masterpiece

Our motto: if you win it, we'll clean it

Do you want to know a secret?

This sh*tbox is all highly professionally made, we swear. It’s not our first rodeo. Under the kit is a lightweight armature and hollowed out wood. We spent some time in a windy tunnel. But even then, we have to admit that K is a major slob. Sorry.

OOC: I am terribly sorry.


I’m a bit late to the party - ARM3 kept me busy, but I do have a question. I don’t think you specified a naming scheme, but I assume it is:

Engine Family Name: BRS1– [forum name]
Engine Variant Name: [engine name]
Car Model Name: BRS1– [forum name]
Car Trim Name: [car name]

If this is correct, you might want to update the brief.

Also, I never run stress on my engines usually, but I guess for racing it is important. When you say minimum of -10% - is it per components (you can have two components at -10) or total stress of all components?

Also, I would like a clarification about Comfort - it is ABOVE 1.0 (so exactly 1.0 is binned) or above or equal to 1.0 comfort? Yeah, it seems that actually matters :wink:


10% per component, so two components at 10% stress is allowed. Comfort is greater than or equal to 1.0, exactly 1.0 is not binned

don’t be

Definitely a bit different to the other posted so far…

For a start the bodykit isn’t made out of MDF

I decided to try and keep this clean and tasteful, like Mine’s and Tommy Kaira modified cars.

Still trying to sort the performance so it is to the maximum, but the design shall be finalised.


Bayside Skunk Works
Toyota Soarer SW-400

“…900 horsepower on tap with two bar of boost.”

Bayside’s Skunk Works division, (un)known for making these mostly secretive projects that would maybe sometimes make it to a limited production.

This Toyota Soarer project was started by the leader of the Skunk Works division, the infamous Yuuki "Cloudy" Nagato, known for crazy high speed projects such as this one.

The project was started in 2004 to create a car that could reach or even surpass 400km/h on the Italian Nardo Ring, given the designation SW-400, SW to signify a special Skunk Works project, and 400 as… well, what else? 400km/h.

The engine and transmission has been swapped from the stock 2JZ-GE in the Soarer, to a highly tuned 2JZ-GTE and 6-speed Getrag manual found in the Toyota Supra. The engine now makes over 900 horsepower with 2 bar of boost with 100 octane petrol.

Cloudy chose not to fit a Nitrous Kit in this one, because as it is, the engine block might not be able to handle any more stress without blowing apart. Fitted with Nitro Kit and with a reinforced block however, the engine could potentially make over 1000 horsepower.

Combined with the new aerodynamic bodykit with a lengthened nose, this allows the car to reach speeds of beyond 350km/h on Yatabe.



@cake_ape’s Mons Customs and Ares Leistung Haus present…

The Mons-Ares SC300 - a completely rebuilt SC300, made at the height of the tuner craze in 2004.


The artists over at Mons Customs have given the car a complete makeover, turning it into an absolute monster made only for the track.

With a new, aggressive bodykit, wider wheel arches and track bumpers, the new SC300 is a work of art. A new hood and high-performance, 20" Magnesium rims add to it all, and an Ares-designed GT-style wing adds buckets of downforce.


Mons and Ares have stripped out everything on the inside, too.

The car now packs a racing wheel, a full track bucket seat with harness, and a light-weight CD player. Every interior panel has either been completely removed or replaced with lightweight carbon fiber, helping to drop the weight to just 1432 kg. The car exists solely for speed.


Ares have stripped the SC300 down to its most primal form. The engine has been reconditioned and turbocharged to provide 419 kW at 7900 RPM, with no attention paid to loudness, emissions or fuel consumption. It still gives the ultimate driving experience - the turbo has been optimised to spool at just 3000RPM, eliminating the lag sometimes seen. A rather expensive transmission rebuild has been conducted as well, fitting a 6-speed sequential AWD gearbox and an electric LSD. The end result isn’t just all show - it is all go as well.


Year: 2004
Weight: 1432 kg
Power: 419 kW @ 7900 RPM
Top Speed: 296 km/h
0-100 time: 3 seconds
Price (inc penalties): 76340

Working with @cake_ape has been an absolute treat, I am really happy with how the car has turned out.

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