[BRS2] BOY RACING SERIES 2: Dodge Neon SRT-4 Budget Tuning Challenge [FINAL RESULTS]


This is the second chapter (hopefully of many) of a scored car tuning competition in the same vein as the ARM (Automation RestoMod) competition. The primary goal of the challenge is to take (close) replicas of tuners from around the world and make track/drag ready cars with modified engines and body kits (think F&F, NFS, and the rest of 2000s tuner culture).

For this second round, I’ll be supplying you with a replica 2003 Dodge Neon SRT-4 (2.4L Turbo EDV engine, 5 speed manual). The year of the car is allowed to be set between 2003 and 2012. 2000s tuning tech is fully allowed and encouraged. The body style, chassis, and engine cannot be swapped out for different options, but everything else can be changed to entrant’s spec. Entries will be scored on several factors which will be outlined further down the page, and aesthetic scoring will be done via community vote. Entries open on 3/23/2021 @ 11:59PM EDT, and close 4/9/2021 @ 11:59PM EDT


About the Dodge Neon SRT-4

This is the iconic US budget tuner. While imports and high performance cars are all the rage in the tuner crowd, the Neon has been adopted by budget and beginner tuners all across the US, especially in less wealthy neighborhoods. The sub-20K SRT-4 was Dodge answer to the younger crowd looking for an already slightly tuned and cheap build they can brag about. The SRT-4 got a larger engine, better components, larger brakes, rims and tires, and still gets great fuel economy while remaining a good daily driver. At the time, it was the second fastest stock production Chrysler/Dodge car, after the Viper. It is even faster, stock, than the SC300 of the previous round, for half the price!

About the Chrysler 2.4L Turbo EDV Engine

The EDV is the turbocharged version of the 2.4L DOHC Chrysler engine. It still uses sequential multi-point electronic fuel injection, but has upgraded conrods, eutactic pistons, improved camshafts rated for higher speeds and nearly 15 PSI of boost on the turbocharger. It did not even get a muffler, instead relying on the turbocharger and resonators to reduce the exhaust volume. The end result is a very distinctive and audible exhaust note. The 223hp it produces is already good, but it turns out that a Stage 3 or 4 SRT-4 is quite impressive for an initial price below $20,000. Some even attempted to completely rebuild the engine for even better performance.

.CAR FILE (updated 3/21/2021 10:21 AM EDT): BRS2-yournamehere_-_CLONE_THE_MODEL_Dodge_Neon_SRT-4.car (36.6 KB)

IMPORTANT: You should not start your build until rules are finalized and the .car file has been cleared, but feel free to review it and tell me if you find anything abnormal.

.car file is fully vanilla, so even if you’re running vanilla automation you should be able to participate.

Download the .car file.
Import the car into Automation.
Clone car model and engine family, set desired year
Extremely useful video by cake_ape documenting this process:

Engine Family Name: BRS2– [forum name]
Engine Variant Name: [engine name]
Car Model Name: BRS2– [forum name]
Car Trim Name: [car name]

All mods are allowed (including Borisu’s weights), Running public branch, Submit via Forum DM only.


Cost Limit = 75k - at 75k, you’re nearly at 4x the cost of the original. This is a budget build tho, so while this it the max, lower is better.

There is no limit to the amount of positive quality you can use for any sliders, but the minimum for each slider is -9 quality.

Suspension Type, Drivetrain, Wheels, Brakes, Aerodynamics, Interior and Suspension Tuning are all allowed
to be changed to entrant’s spec

Four wing/lip maximum.

You do not need a catalyst.

Using Ultimate 100 RON fuel is highly recommended.

Year is between 2003 and 2012 – bodykit styling should generally follow chosen year.






NO CABIN MORPHING, NO TOP OF TRUNK MORPHING, everything else is on the table for morphing. Try to keep it looking like it was derived from the original car.




COST: The maximum cost is 75k. There’s no maximum quality setting for your builds, but keeping your cost lower is better. Push as much performance as you can on as little money as you can muster, and you’ll get big points in this category. The original car MSRP was $19,450; the closer you are to that original number the better.

AESTHETICS: Aesthetic score is decided by community vote. Make a good-looking body kit or livery (or both!) and win up to a 35% boost to overall score (1st place in the community survey) Even if you aren’t the best at tuning, if you make the best-looking car you still have a good shot at winning the challenge; making a good-looking kit will earn you big points across the board.


HORSEPOWER: This stock EDV-version makes 223.7 bhp. Those are rookie numbers, let’s get them up! Having the most horsepower may not always be practical, but its definitely something you can brag about and as such getting big horsepower out of the EDV will get you big points in this category.

TRACK TIME IMPROVEMENT: The stock SRT-4 currently runs the automation test track (in automation) in 2:28:16. Destroy that track time- the faster the AI rounds the track the better. If you can beat your fellow tuners on the track, you’ll get big points in this category.

SPORTINESS IMPROVEMENT: The stock score of 20.2 reflects the SRT-4’s status as a budget sport compact - but we’re building a track car here, so get that number up. You’ll get points for having a good sportiness score.


QUARTER MILE TIME IMPROVEMENT: The stock SRT-4 runs the quarter mile in 14.70s – while this challenge is primarily aimed to build track cars, in the US the quarter mile is king and winning drag races on the strip and on the streets will win you good points in this category. Get that number down.

WEIGHT SAVINGS: The stock SRT-4 weighs in at 2781lbs already quite low– getting this number een lower will not only help your track time but is also another bragging point. As such, you’ll get some points for reducing the weight of the car.

DRIVABILITY IMPROVEMENT: The stock score of 41.5 needs to be eclipsed, the goal is to beat the other tuners out of the water. Getting a good drivability score will get you some points.


RELIABILITY: Try to keep reliability around the original score of 68.1- Big points aren’t gonna be found here but having a decent reliability score may give you a marginal advantage.


COMFORT: Not important. Keep it >=1 so you’re not sitting on a literal brick, but any comfort score above 1 isn’t necessary and will not earn you points.

FUEL ECONOMY: Not important. This is a track car, not a daily driver, and the fuel tank is big enough that even with 1 mpg you’ll be able to run some laps.





SAFETY: N/A (that might be a nice -9 candidate…)



These won’t get your entry binned, but they may hurt your score. It may still be worthwhile to take the score hit if it improves your other stats enough to offset.

Drivetrain/engine orientation/gearbox swaps come with a $5,000 overall cost penalty – finding a transmission that can be mated to the EDV is not that hard, but finding a good performance one is a bit trickier and it’s not like you can sell the old manual transmission to recoup costs. Going RWD or 4WD (by changing rear suspension) requires as much effort, as is mounting the engine the other way around. If you do one change, might as well do as much changes as possible (the costs is one time, not additive)

Changing engine internal materials (Bottom End Tab) comes with a $5,000 overall cost penalty as it requires a full engine rebuild – the components in the original EDV engine have a limited redline - however, high stroke means a rebuild is useful, but you will not get 900hp out of this block.

Turbo Spool over 3000rpm is nothing to fear here. No penalties for long spooling.



Base Cost: 19,900
Base Sportiness: 20.2
Base Drivability: 41.5
Base Reliability: 68.1
Base Weight: 2781 lbs / 1261 kg
Base Automation Test Track Time: 2:28:16
Base Quarter Mile Time: 14.70s
Base Horsepower: 223
Base Transmission: 5 speed manual paired to FWD transverse EDV engine



REMINDER: Entries open on 3/23/2021 @ 11:59PM EDT, and close 4/9/2021 @ 11:59PM EDT

It should read: “Valve count cannot be changed and VVL cannot be added”.

I take the former as “there is no limit in the amount of positive quality you can use for any slider”, and I assume this to be the case unless you state otherwise.


Couple other suggestions, Safety is probably important, right?
Nothings really mentioned in the engine side of what you can change, is it all open apart from family?

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Oops, I was careful, I will review and upload a new one.

Gonna hunt for it.

Bottom end comes with a $5,000 penalty. The top end, aspiration, fuel and exhaust are all open 100%.

Ok, I updated the .car file, the plate was a last minute addition and was a moded one.

I clarified rules related to comments by abg7 and Riley, I also added images to clarify what can and cannot be changed in chassis and engine family.

Just to clarify are we limited to using 98 RON or is 100 RON allowed? It’s not mentioned in the rules so I’m assuming we can use Ultimate.

Correct, Ultimate 100 RON is recommended, added a mention.

Does the 10% stress limit appear on a per-component basis or a per-value basis? If I have a piston that’s experiencing -7% torque stress and -8% RPM stress, neither value is above 10% but the component can be viewed as being above 10%. Just wanna get this cleared up before I get binned for it, heh.

EDIT: Also, is the bore and stroke in the variant tab fair game to change, or is that off-limits?

It is 10% per component. The base engine comes in with some piston stress already. I will expect a lot of stress on this build :slight_smile:

This is now open for submission, good luck to all!

Does changing bottom end quality trigger the rebuild penalty?

It was not explicitly disallowed and while not 100% realistic, it is allowed to give place to worthwhile non-rebuild. The engine rebuild is really about swapping out the piston.

Good lord, why am I doing this? Someone needs to stop me. Anyway, have the LSA “Need For Speed Edition Dodge Neon”, coming at you all the way from Bayview.


I am addicted to buying extremely expensive custom cars (yeeeeeeah)

In a brief moment of lucidity, I went to the dealership and I told them

“Do not, under any circumstances, sell me any more cars.”

I was back there half an hour later, wearing a fake moustache, and I said

"Hello Gentlemen, I am Ray Z, a man you have never met before.

Give me 10,000 cars covered in carbon."

Technical Summary

Presenting a car that slightly misses the point. With the most expensive CD system on the market and actually comfortable seats, this may not be the fastest car on the track - but with over 500 horses, and a curb weight under 1400 kg, it’s one hell of a drive. Add AWD and a 6-speed sequential gearbox, and it’s 2003’s most desirable car. Just don’t ask about the price. 69000 is not a nice price for a Neon.
On the outside, buyers get new headlights and taillights, and a body kit inspired by the “Squire 9” kit from Underground 2. They also get a custom two-tone wing, and enough carbon to embarass an F1 team. Also, uniquely for a tuner car like this, the safety elements have all been retained. This is a track car that can prowl the streets, if you don’t mind being laughed at.

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Time to bang gears with the 430hp I4 T sequential gearbox, still going to the front wheels. The car focused on cornering and drivability.

Time around ATT : 2:01.44


Mons Customs Introducing

Dodge Neon SRT-4


Mons Customs has taken the base Dodge Neon SRT-4, stripped it down to its bare essentials, upgraded select components, and made it into the true track-devouring monster it always aspired to be. Combined with a new bold styling that remains true to its roots, the Mons Customs Neon is an engineering and aesthetic marvel. Do you dare to take the keys?

Weight: -200 kg
0-100: <4.5 s
1/4 mile: <<12 s
ATT: 2:01.xx
Top speed: limited to 300 km/h
HP: nearly 2.5x base
Turbo charger: yes
Lag: present
Price: don’t want to talk about it.

Drivability: much improved
Sportiness: not even comparable
Reliability: minor improvement
Comfort: exists



KITT Dodge Neon SRT-4

The essence of sensible performance

You think actions speak louder than words and you prefer to let your deeds to speak for themselves? Don’t like to have computers do the all driving for you? Fancy high performance without the high price tag? Then the Karlstadt Ingenieurbüro für Technik & Tuning (KITT) has just the offer for you and your Dodge Neon SRT-4!

Part of the KITT kit is a new turbo and exhaust system, some careful engine tuning, all executed with HetvesianHelvetian sensibility and precision - and no engine rebuilds necessary! The car itself will benefit from the same culture of precision applied to a finely tuned multilink suspension with a mechanical limited slip diff, actual functional aerodynamics at the front and rear, variable hydraulic power steering and our trademark sleek charcoal grey paintjob with red highlights (other colours upon request).

An extra 100 kW for under $10,000** - only at KITT. Come see us am Strand!

**over a car MSRP of $19,450. Call us for a full quote.

Some OOC stuff

I am not much into tuning (or any exterior design) at all, but I have a soft spot for the SRT-4 since I have won quite a few races with it in the TopDrives mobile game in FWD-only events (it was among the fastest FWDs in the early game expansions). Here, I also appreciated the engineering challenge since I hadn’t worked much with turbos before in Automation. Cost is up high in the criteria, so let’s see how this budget submission plays out. Also, since my brain isn’t wired for anything 3D, I tend to get literal headaches from working on car interiors - hence I skipped doing one here.

Now the question remains: Which Neon is best Neon? undefinable RegularCarReview noises intensify

And: I was surprised to learn the other day in a VINwiki video that the studio which made 2 Fast 2 Furious initially considered a Neon SRT-4 to be the hero car. :rofl:

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Last 48 hours for BRS2 submissions, still time to kit out that SRT-4!

Boot Scootin' Bodyworks Neon Sleeper

Not very powerful, not really cheap, no bodywork changes; you can do better elsewhere!

Took a last minute crack at tuning this car. Outclassed by everyone else here, hahaha!

Maybe I’ll get a wooden spoon; fingers crossed!!!

The 2012 Dodge Neon GTZ by Sunset Garage, our latest and greatest budget performance kit. The Dodge Neon SRT4 is surprisingly capable in stock form for a remarkably low price, but we decided to turn up the heat even further for the ultimate pocket rocket! For only an extra $7000 over the cost of the SRT4 you provide, you get an absolute steal of a performance package, capable of running with cars double its price. So what exactly do you get? For starters, you get an extra 125 (!) horsepower out of the stock internals! So, how did we do it? We retuned the turbo for maximum power while still maintaining impressive levels of MPG. We upgraded the fuel injectors and removed all the useless emissions equipment to allow the engine to truly breathe. We kept the stock internals intact for cost savings (which we passed on to you, the customer!), but improved the construction and tolerances. However, all that awesome extra power means nothing without a car that can handle it! And that is truly where we helped this car shine. The unpleasant original 5 speed manual is gone, replaced with a smooth-shifting, engaging 4 speed manual with gear ratios made just for this car. But that isn’t all. Everything from the steering rack to the interior has been carefully improved or redone to make the car feel special, and truly fun to drive. The exterior gets a subtly, tastefully done custom bodykit (ricing is so last decade!), the interior is stripped for weight savings, and the suspension has been completely rebuilt and upgraded to give the car much more confidence through the twisties. This car is more than just another pipe dream, it is a performance machine you can actually have a shot at owning. Come visit our website at sunsetgarage.brs to find out more, or visit our store in Newport Beach. Sunset Garage GTZ Line. Your dream, your budget.

Moar photos



Bin City

Those entries were sent to bin city as they did not meet the minimal requirements. They are excluded from scoring and aesthetics poll.

Binned: Dodge Neon SRT-4


Reason: Comfort below 1.0 (0.0)

Unfortunate bin, the entry was very promising with a strong engine and specs, and an especially unique kit, but it was so bare bone that you cannot actually sit in it without the help from a chiropractor.

Valid entries

The following submitted valid entries and are part of the aesthetics poll.


Aesthetics poll

The poll will stay up for a minimum of 4 days before final scoring.