[BRS3] BOY RACING SERIES 3: Toyota GT86 RC Tuning Challenge


This is the third chapter (hopefully of many) of a scored car tuning competition in the same vein as the ARM (Automation RestoMod) competition. The primary goal of the challenge is to take (close) replicas of tuners from around the world and make track/drag ready cars with modified engines and body kits (think Rocketbunny, F&F, NFS, and the rest of 2010s tuner culture). This round, I’ll be supplying you with a replica 2012 Toyota GT86 RC (4U-GSE, 6 speed manual, VVT). The year of the car is allowed to be set between 2012 and 2020. 2010s tuning tech is fully allowed and encouraged. The body style, chassis, and engine cannot be swapped out for different options, but everything else can be changed to entrant’s spec. Entries will be scored on several factors which will be outlined further down the page, and aesthetic scoring will be done via community vote. Entries open on 4/19/2021 @ 11:59AM CST, and close 5/3/2021 @11:59PM CST

.car file uses MDHL V3, but is otherwise vanilla. Download all of the MDHL packs from @Borisu 's workshop page and once you’ve done that you should be able to participate.

Car File: BRS3_-(Your_Name_Here)-_Toyota_GT86_RC_Tuned.car (47.5 KB)

(Only 44 fixtures!)

Download the .car file.
Import the car into Automation.
Clone car model and engine family, set desired year
Extremely useful video by @cake_ape documenting this process:

Engine Family Name: BRS3 – [forum name]
Engine Variant Name: [engine name]
Car Model Name: BRS3 – [forum name]
Car Trim Name: [car name]

All mods are allowed (including Borisu’s weights), Running public branch, Submit via Forum DM or Discord DM (@Kyorg#5597)


Cost Limit = $100k - this is only in place to avoid quality cheesing, and is 4x the original value of the car. If it’s getting up there, you can pretty much guarantee you lost the cost segment, and I’m trying to rebalance this event so that matters more.

No Maximum quality, Minimum -7 quality

Suspension Type, Drivetrain specs, Wheels, Brakes, Aerodynamics, Interior and Suspension Tuning are all allowed to be changed to entrant’s spec. Adding a turbo to the engine is welcomed and encouraged.

Six wing/lip maximum

Year is between 2012 and 2020 – bodykit styling should generally follow chosen year.






NO CABIN MORPHING, NO TOP OF TRUNK MORPHING, everything else is on the table for morphing. Try to keep it looking like it was derived from the original car.




COST: The maximum cost is 100k. There’s no maximum quality setting for your builds, but keeping your cost lower is better. Push as much performance as you can on as little money as you can muster, and you’ll get big points in this category. The original car costs $23,800; the closer you are to that original number the better.

AESTHETICS: Aesthetic score is decided by community vote. Make a good-looking body kit or livery (or both!) and win up to a 40% boost to overall score (1st place in the community survey) Even if you aren’t the best at tuning, if you make the best-looking car you still have a good shot at winning the challenge; making a good-looking kit will earn you big points across the board. Give your car some personality- I want to see a ton of variety in the entries here- some rocketbunny kits, some hololive anime girl stuff, throw it all in there. Lemme see what you can do.


TRACK TIME IMPROVEMENT: The stock GT86 currently runs the automation test track (in automation) in 2:32:44. Destroy that track time- the faster the AI rounds the track the better. If you can beat your fellow tuners on the track, you’ll get big points in this category.

QUARTER MILE TIME IMPROVEMENT: The stock GT86 runs the quarter mile in 15.19s – while this challenge is primarily aiming to build track cars, winning drag races on the weekends will win you big points in this category. Get that number down.


HORSEPOWER: The stock 4U-GSE makes 197.0 bhp. Frankly, this is pathetic for what the car looks like- so please increase this number heavily. Having the most horsepower may not always be practical, but its definitely something you can brag about and as such getting big horsepower out of the 4U-GSE will get you big points in this category.

SPORTINESS IMPROVEMENT: The stock score of 33.9 is fairly decent- after all, the 86 is a sports car at heart- but we’re building a track car here, so get that number up. You’ll get points for having a good sportiness score.

WEIGHT SAVINGS: The stock GT86 weighs in at 2867lbs – getting this number lower will not only help your track time but is also another bragging point. As such, you’ll get some points for reducing the weight of the car.


TRIM RELIABILITY: Given that many of you will be turbo-ing this normally N/A engine, maintaining a trim reliability score of 76.2 will be nigh impossible. However, keeping your reliability higher than your competitors will get you an advantage in the competition. After all, what’s the point of having a cool car if it’s stuck in your garage all the time getting work done?

DRIVABILITY IMPROVEMENT: The stock score of 44.2 is average. Improving the drivability score will get you some points.


COMFORT: Not important. Keep it >1 so you’re not sitting on a literal brick, but any comfort score above 1 isn’t necessary and will not earn you points. Keep in mind that I’m giving you the car with an extremely barebones 1.8 comfort already, as the RC trim doesn’t come with an infotainment system or like… air conditioning… or several pieces of interior plastic trim. It’s pretty barebones as it is, so be careful with comfort.

FUEL ECONOMY: Not important. This is a track car, not a daily driver, and the fuel tank is big enough that even with 1 mpg you’ll be able to run some laps. (Also, I couldn’t get the gas mileage to be accurate to the real car anyway)







These won’t get your entry binned, but they may hurt your score. It may still be worthwhile to take the score hit if it improves your other stats enough to offset.

Engine Orientation/Transmission swaps come with 10% overall cost penalty – why would you want to get rid of the manual? oh, you’re gonna put a DCT in there? Well, that’s expensive labor right there- as is changing which wheels get power. Doing a 4WD (or FWD?) swap isn’t cheap, nor is swapping engine mounts. If you can keep it a RWD and Manual car, you’ll save some dosh.

Normally, there would be a cost penalty for replacing engine internals, but in this case, the base car “already got a forged internal kit” (because actually the engine explodes without one, thanks automation). As such, the penalty is lessened from the standard 10% to 5%. Worst case, you just returned the kit and got a different one.

Since I know you’ll all be turbo-ing the car… boost pressure of over 22.6psi requires re-engineering of several parts in the engine (which are not modeled in automation), and as such, comes with a 10% cost penalty. Find other ways to make power if possible.


Base Cost: 23800
Base Sportiness: 33.9
Base Drivability: 44.2
Base Reliability: 76.2
Base Weight: 2867lb / 1300kg
Base Automation Test Track Time: 2:32:44
Base Quarter Mile Time: 15.19s
Base Horsepower: 197.0
Base Transmission: 6 speed manual


REMINDER: Entries open at 4/19/2021 @ 12PM CST, and close at 5/3/2021 @12AM CST

Let’s see some wild f****n’ stuff in here!


Do spoilers count against the lip/wing limit?

as they produce downforce, yes

Toyota GT86 ZRD Edition

Wang gang stance car
ft the ZRD SU plane thing


I forgot to mention this, but are we required to use a 3-way catalytic converter of some kind?

2018 Octane Pandem 86 - Time Attack

by the K-Dog crew

Youse all scared to post your 86!? Well, you should, because the crew’s back baby! Now direct from J-land.

After slurping down ramens for many sleepless nights, K-san decided to leave his slobbing days behind and get his life together. What better way than to put his hands on a Toyota 86 RC and get them dirty (or more like his crew’s hands - sake bomb b*tches! too busy to get grease on these hands).

In fact the crew teamed up with Octane Racing and got their hands on a custom V3.5 Pandem Kit for their new acquisition. What an upgrade from MDF and plywood!! This is da bomb, serious.

With the expert help from Octane, we were able to kit out this 86 with some smoking upgrades. 7-speed DCT, fake carbon fiber-looking alu panels, a completely stripped out and barebone interior, 395 ultra-wide slicks with 18 inch magnesium rims, state-of-the-art speaker system, NOS delivery system (oh yeah!) and an engine that was heavily tuned and will leave all competition in the dust**. We’ve even got some anime’s and shit.

Unfortunately, it is still not faster than our SC300 masterpiece, but this should kick yo ass nonetheless. I dare you to race us in your own shitty 86!

K-Dog represents!

** safety features not included

This baby's your worst nightmare!

We swear K-san is not a slob anymore!

See? You could eat Takoyaki’s off this floor dude! We told you, he’s all zen and shit now. Feng shui, yo!

Youse still reading?

This is tentatively over 650hp of pure JDM masterpiece, with 0-100 in just 3 seconds and the lag of a 56k dial up modem. Embrace.


Mons Customs Introducing

Toyota GT86 RC


Mons Customs has taken the base Toyota GT86 RC, stripped it down to its bare essentials, upgraded select components, and made it into the true track-devouring monster it always aspired to be. Combined with a new bold styling that remains true to its roots, the Mons Customs GT86 is an engineering and aesthetic marvel. Do you dare to take the keys?

Weight: barely a toddler’s weight more than the original… kg
0-100: <<4.5 s
1/4 mile: 12 s - ish
ATT: Faster than our Neon…
Top speed: limited to 300 km/h
HP: A little over 2.5x base
Turbo charger: yes
Price: Ok, yea, uncharacteristic for Mons, but this one is cheap. I promise.

Drivability: improved
Sportiness: compared to stock, into the stratosphere
Reliability: has some
Comfort: exists



The 2020 Toyota GTZ86 by Sunset Garage.

Moar informations

For our latest tuner build, we decided to choose one of the best modern drivers’ cars available to buy on a budget, the Toyota GT86. Featuring RWD, a manual transmission and a naturally aspirated boxer 4, it is popular with tuners, stance bros and drifters alike. So, with such a wonderful base car, what would there even be for us to improve on? We realized this car was missing 2 very crucial things:

First of all, MO POWAH! 200hp isn’t good enough for Don Garlits, so why would it be good enough for us here at the GTZ division of Sunset Garage?

And, second of all, something that goes hand in hand with mo powah: TURBO LAG! What self-respecting tuner would allow a car with less lag than a 2010 Android smartphone?

And so, with these 2 objectives in mind, we set to work on doing what the GTZ division does best: giving you, the customer, more power for real cheap, by fitting a turbo and retuning the engine! But, as always, we couldn’t stop there. When the GT86 RC arrived, we were immediately struck by how goddamn ugly this version of the car was, even compared to the regular 86 (which isn’t exactly pretty either…) and we figured that you crazy people who buy our kits would feel the same! So we built a really clean kit you can buy from us that gives you the unique style you deserve when you splash $30k on a freshly tuned coupe! You can buy parts and pieces of the kit, or the entire thing! However, with such a powerful car now, of course when we tested our mule out, the rest of the car had issues handling the newfound power. So, we did what any tuner who doesn’t like lawsuits would do: We fitted upgraded brakes. A custom-fabricated rollcage. We lightened the tupperware container that Toyota passes off as an interior in the RC. We fitted better, wider tires and upgraded the suspension. But, as always, we did all this with a close eye on the pocketbook. For only an extra $9000 over the base car, you get over double the power but only accessible for 2000rpm, and a bunch of upgrades to the way the car drives! We consider that a bargain. And we hope you do too! Come visit our website at sunsetgarage.brs to find out more, or visit our store in Newport Beach. Sunset Garage GTZ Line. Your dream, your budget.

Moar photos


I forgot to submit. Luckily, I still have a few hours. Presenting… The LSA “Tofu Time” GT-86.

Inspired by the hugely popular “Final F” anime, this tuned GT-86 has a unique, custom two-tone paint job, with sporty stripes on the sides. Aftermarket lights on both sides, a custom 4-exit exhaust, completely overhauled aerodynamics… This is the real deal.

The Tofu Time boasts substantially more power, almost twice as much thanks to a new turbocharger. With semi-slick tyres, magnesium rims and vented brakes, you can stop it as quickly as you started. Ares have thrown out all of the fat, leaving the resulting car a reported 70 kg lighter than its stock counterpart. On track, it is apparently over 2.5 seconds quicker on the 1/4 mile, and 25 seconds quicker around the track. You’d think all of these changes would increase the cost, but it can be had for less than 2000 more than the original. How’s that for value?


GT86 by SCH NA

I think this is on time?

Yeah, we are right under 2 hours remaining now, so you were more than ok :wink:

Let’s get some more competition in, still a bit of time left!

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Voting will close for final results on Friday, May 28th. Get your votes in!