Bruckell Bastion Review

Hi everyone, I suggest you read my review of the car, which lies in

I regret that I didn't do it in a table, because I don't have Excel at hand.

Did a review of the Bruckell Bastion.

Parameters comparison:

Standart complectation

Power 284 hp at 5850 rpm

Torque 365 nm at 3400 - 4550 rpm
Weight 1865 kg
Drivetrain — RWD.
Cost 29 500 $
Weight/Power — 6.57 kg/hp
Acceleration 0 - 100 — 6.318 sec at high limit perfomance
Acceleration Comfort — 10.900 sec in comfort mode for engine. Not more than 3000 rpm.
Brake Distance 100 - 0 km/h — 40 metres and 3.5 second.

Sport GT 6.5 A

weight 2070 kg

cost 52 600
drivetrain – RWD
Power 488 hp at 5600 rpm
Weight/Power – 4.24 kg/hp
Torque — 640 hp at 3350 - 5050 rpm
Acceleration — 4.6 sec at high limit perfomance
Acceleration Comfort — 7.149 sec in comfort mode for engine. Not more than 3000 rpm.
Brake Distance 100 - 0 km/h — 34.8 metres and 2.8 second.

An example of the perfect full-size sedan. Considering its length it will be a bit clumsy in the city, but such is the city conditions, it requires more or less a wide road. Because it really is a great condition for the passengers, like a carriage ride.

The standard complectation may at first look very self-sufficient. But in reality it is not. In real life nobody ever drives the engine up to its maximum revs on a regular basis, just simply to move on the city. After this important remark, the inertia and sluggishness of this car becomes visible. Also the weight begins to be felt. The value of 1400 kgs/3087 lbs would be suitable for it, but here they are all 2070/4564.
This circumstance could not but affect the braking.

In order to be able to brake more or less successfully, here were installed powerful 15-inch brakes - about 380 mm - as far as can be judged by eye.
Of course, the size of the brake disc is not yet a complete victory. It is absolutely unknown what caliper is here and how many pistons it has.

The car brakes in exactly 40 meters, which is quite close to the limit of an unsafe car, which brakes in 45 meters. Anything more than that creates big driving problems.
Of course, in general, the standard configuration of this car is an impeccable choice for family or business meetings. But there is a much better option, and the golden mean set of configurations for this car is this:

The Bruckell Bastion Sport GT 6.5 (A), the perfect choice as a car on today’s loaded roads.
It has all the same disadvantages as the first variant, but this one is much more dynamic and frisker.
The size of wheels in this case is incredibly huge - 20x11 inches is the size of a disk, and 305/35 R19.

This present tread allows wheel excellent controlling aquaplaning, but it has too many 3D grousers, which is a bit odd for the track. The tread is directionless and the wheel will still slip a bit. Verdict: Good wheel for city streets.

It is clear that we are not talking about any comfort here - the manufacturer offers a serial sports car to the buyer. In some features it gets under definition of a supercar - it is equipped with premium interior, most likely, it can have leather as an option. But for full resemblance it lacks leather trim of the front panel and luxurious decor. Even from a distance it is clearly visible that the dashboard is made at the expense of budget plastic. Which, in turn, allows customers to not overpay dealers, if they are interested in the powerful version, the price of it trim is $ 52,600. It estimately costs as much as muscular Dodge Challenger.

On the race track BeamNG simulator allows you to install slick rubber and check how much it helps in cornering.

Having tested this car in dangerous conditions, it became clear that the full symmetry of the width of the rear and front wheels and insufficient downforce, coupled with high inertia, can make sway the body from side to side already at 125 mph /200 kmph.

The same dynamics of the car behavior is kept for the drag version, which has an engine of 1593 bhp. The specific weight here is 2.88 lbs/lb-ft.
Therefore, it requires instant reaction to the slightest roll and shift of the direction angle. It may be a little tight on the narrow strip, but an experienced dragster’s driver will be able to pass this test.

Also given the practical notes, on backward install more narrower rims than usual had been mounting on the rear. Here they are equal to 15x22 inches.
Pressing down and flexing on the start, these wheels don’t behave like conventional scrolling drums, but allow you make a sharp, powerful, reactive start.

At the front, for better stability at high speeds, remains the same 20x11 rims and the same size rubber, that is the standard set.
This car is no longer applicable in the city and on the track, its main purpose is drag racing.


Nice review! Though, this is an Automation forum, and you should be posting these reviews in the BeamNG forums.

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