Brum Brum Motor Co

Group A challenge work in progress.


That looks badass, I need to figure out how to make liveries

Thanks dude. Honestly i’m struggling with it as well. I can never seem to get decal patches working. Tried painting the roof blue, but it looks like dog eggs. Some of the decals are the vintage sponsorship pack here: Steam Workshop::VINTAGE SPONSORSHIP PACK

They don’t work in Beam though. All the transparencies break.

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Anyone know how i stop it looking like blue gaffer tape?

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That’s a more obviously 80s design, complete with box flares, giant wings, and vast spoilers. The nose appears to be tilted a bit too far forward for my tastes, though (contemporary BMWs also had upwards-sloping noses, but not to the same extreme extent as yours).

I hate when fixtures break or don’t show up in beamng so much, but I’m sure everyone does :sweat_smile:

Was going for those old group 2 BMWs mixed with a bit of group A. Yes it is a bit overly slanted, just terrified of breaking all the fixtures by changing it. May try a backup copy and bite the bullet.

More hours of my life wasted.


This is more like it - the forward-canted shark nose is not quite as extreme as before, and feels more harmonious as a result.

WIP : 1955 Brum Brum racing project 002


1955 racing project MKIV.

My god why did i pick this body? that front end is a nightmare!!

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The Snake body set is difficult to work with, due to limited morphing zones, but it is possible to make it look good with clever fixture placement.

Think I was trying to smash a late 50s front onto an early 50s model. Not as streamlined. Getting there. More work needed.


After much deliberation (30 seconds) the Brum Brum team decided not to go for the 100kg+ weight penalty for the spider design and opted instead for the coupe. Ahh, the wonderful physics of the automation universe. I kid, I love this game.

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1955 S350 Coupe MKII



Our first car not named after a biscuit! The Campionato R2000

Download a copy to drive in Beam Ng here.

This car is built for Beam so your average citizen of Automatia hates it. It’s slow but fun. Enjoy.

Brum Brum are aware of the awful holes in the power band, and are working on it.


Wow! So very ugly! Made to go fast on Italy hillclimb stages in beam. Not a good automation car. Enjoy!