Bug report: Drivability changes drastically upon year change?

I was designing a small 1959 car. At one point, I found that upon forwarding the year to 1960, drivability was suddenly almost halved, with little-to-no change from any other stats.

According to the detail stats section, the problem is a roughly 30% performance debuff from “Top Speed” that suddenly appears when changing the year- however, the actual top speed of the car had only changed by 0.1mph (From 58.0 to 58.1), and lowering the speed to its original value did not affect anything.

Has anyone else experienced this bug? Is it just a bug, or is there something else I might have selected that could cause this behavior?

Let me guess, your car doesn’t reach 100 km/h?

In km/h, that would be from ~93.3-93.5. So, yes.

It is an issue I’m looking into, it was deliberately put there though: if your car can’t hit 100 km/h in 1960, it is not deemed roadworthy. The problem is that the penalty kicks in hard exactly at 100 instead of having a smooth transition. For now, just make your car not be that underpowered :smiley:


Ah, ok. I guess I’ve been misunderstanding the drivability stat a little; glad to learn something new.

Thanks for the help!