Buggy Gearbox Build 1355

When I test some of my cars on automation test track game forgets to change gears or chooses a too high gear when braking before Killrob Chicane.It stays like this until Adams Apex,loosing a lot of time.It works fine wiht other versions of these cars
Here’s a quick recreation of one of the cars that have the problem(with the same problem):
Buggy gearbox.rar (21 KB)

I believe that this is a known bug; probably one of the things they wish to fix before doing the final release of this version.

Yeah I just ran into the same gear change problem. Good to see the search function brought me to a relevant thread though.

as asked by automation creators on youtube i’m bumping this thread.
and btw model pictures in the manager dont show for me.It shows platform pictures and i believe models done before auto-downloading relese had these pictures but i deleted all of them so i cant be sure.