Bugs in the new update 190411/190412

This button don´t work for me

There is something pretty fucked with the UI in this version for some reason, we’re currently looking into it!

Thanks for the fast reaction, you guys are doing a good job.

I´m still missing the standart panel for chrome, steel and so on…

Or do i have to delete all my custom colors first?

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You can select which material you want, including chrome, leather, carbon, etc. Have a look around and you’ll find it.

Sorry if I’m annoying, but I have, apart from the basic automation color, just my own. And I can not find a button anywhere that brings me to the chrome, steel and so on

As you can see, i have the 4 rows from automation red to zitronengelb, i can them scroll up and down, no chrome, no plastic or steel appear.
I can´t move them to left or right, i can select the paint slots, i can make new colors or rework the existing. The grey box with “Presets” do nothing for me, no click, no move…

Maybe you can give me a hint, where I could still search.

Problem solved, thank you accent :grinning:

What was the solution?

This is my complete colour options. None of the presets are available!

Just moved over to the openbeta again.

The presets can be found in the material section, while editing an existing (or cloned) paint. The idea is, you can paint different materials for a more custom look. (Red plastic, blue carbon fiber, black chrome etc.).


Yup, found it. :+1:


Playing the campaign, I got to a state where I had 2 engine projects underway in the same factory. One was a refresh and I couldn’t figure out how to delete it, they were both for different cars. By pure luck, they finished at the same time. The problem is that the first car, which has been replaced (I only have one factory) and the second car has had a facelift, is still in production, and still selling… 11 years later. There is no grey bar indicating production of the car

How did you get into that state? Did you make the facelift refresh before the new engine family or the other way around? What is the sequencing here?

I made the new car and engine first, then obviously pressed something I shouldn’t have. I have a copy of the save file.

What do you mean by “made the car and engine first”? That is how every car is made :stuck_out_tongue: isn’t it? So the “obviously pressed something” part is what I would like to know more about :smiley: