Bugs report - LCV4.1

Greetings Dev Team,

I didn’t find any official thread to reply the bugs of this update, so I decided to create a new Topic (if this is prohibited, pardon me)

I’m playing the campaign and currently, I am in 1974. It’s so unplayable (i know that it is an open beta release, and I understand that it supposed to be like that, it’s a beta right?)

So here we go.

I feel that the game is not having time to load the data and pass on the screen to the player.

  • My timeline was stuck in a certain month and year, but there in the upper left corner in time control, it was counting. I solved this by reloading the save and then everything was right. But after a few months, it gone stuck again.

  • The finance bar, where it shows the cash and money that is coming in, as well as the finance graph, are also frozen. I couldn’t solve just by reloading, I had to enter the finances menu to know my money and the value of the company and etc.

  • I’m facing some problems regarding vehicle production. It had 16k vehicle preorders, and factory utilization was very low at 20% and failing to overtake the demand for preorders.

  • If I stay with the savegame too long open, without reloading, starts to lag everything. It takes 10-20 seconds to go to another month.

  • It’s not always, but when I do a facelift of a car I need to edit it, when I finish, and I come back to the project screen if I forgot to do something and I need to go back to edit it again, the game freezes and crash.

For now, I’m facing these bugs in my game. I believe I will delete this campaign (not yet) and start another because from this point I believe there is no way to continue haha.

Thanks for the amazing update, it’s really a game change for everyone. Keep up the good work. I don’t know if there’s something related to my processor or not, but the game is very laggy at this point.

If I face another one, i will reply here.

The DXDiag: DxDiag.txt (90.5 KB)

Hi Guys, Loving the new update. As I’ve played a lot of sandbox I have been updating some cars with interiors and it makes them look a lot more realistic which is very satisfying.

Just started a new campaign and can’t figure out where dealerships have gone, I thought they were in with marketing but the only mention I can find for them is on the markets and trends screen. Have I missed something?

Apart from that the update is great and adds a lot more depth to the game, keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:

@Fenix4 The pre-order issue a known bug.

Killrob via Steam Forum: You cannot change that anymore, no. The new mechanics work differently in that you do not own your dealerships anymore, but dealerships buy cars from you at the fixed price you set. They then try to make a profit on that but are in competition to each other. Therefore you don’t see stupid-high margins anymore. If dealerships make a good buck on your cars, they will “grow” automatically.

You can find dealership levels in the World Markets & Trends section, then hit the Dealership button.


Thanks, I must have missed that. sounds a lot more realistic :slight_smile:

I’ve also been having issues with lights not working. Ex: in photo mode, the headlights follow the tail lights for some reason. Changing the light mode thing doesn’t work either and doesn’t seem to stay as well. Has anyone else experienced this?

I did too, only the front light works, everything else is responseless…

It’s even worse on BeamNG, nothing works anymore.

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Was going to take a photo on the “Old Street” scene, then figured I’d make a different coloured version of a car (for a bit of variety in the pic) and found this really cool feature in the design room.

  • before anyone says the car is stolen, it’s not.

And, apparently, boxer 6’s have no rocker covers.

I don’t think the photoscene thing is a LCV4.1 issue or an Old Street issue, it’s been going on for some time. It happens when the photoscene isn’t unloaded when you return to the design room.

Hi there,

Since 4.0 I had some problems with the game sometimes crashing when trying to boot it up, but since 4.1 it seems to become more common.

A few minutes ago I had to launch the game 5 times in a row before it finally booted without a crash. I did report all crashes so hopefully the devs can figure it out. However I never saw a reply or fix while I am reporting these boot-up crashes since a few months now.

Hello everyone!

I have quite a few bugs to report. The main one is that after updating the game to 4.24.3/4, it destroyed my previous builds. Mainly, it’s related to fixtures that got shifted across on these bodies I opened in the latest updated version of the game and related to the body morphs.