Building a Car from Start to Finish - Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise - The Inside Story. This has to be the most comprehensive documentary about the development and production of a car I’ve ever seen. I’m only 37 minutes into watching it, but I just had to share it with the Automation community. If the updates to the engine designer in the open beta (in terms of realism and opportunity costs) are any indication of how the Grand Campaign will look, I can’t wait to see how it will turn out. Enjoy the show:


I’m definitely adding this to my watch later list.


After seeing this, I understand why Lotus would not have survived into the 21st century without the Elise and its derivatives.

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I was at a car show last week and one of the guys I talked to extensively was an Elise owner. He was lamenting the fact that they can’t build a pure lightweight model like this anymore due to regulations. Funny enough, he said he was only a car guy for the past few years, having owned mostly owned Priuses and Rav4s, but the Elise ignited a passion for driving in him. Another guy who owned an old Ferrari chimed in and described it as actually being like a go-kart. I’ve never driven a Lotus myself, but I did race go-karts for several years, so I know the feeling.