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Here’s the place where I place my random creations I made for no reason. Well, things that aren’t from the major brands that I made, simply speaking.

List of vehicles:

2000 GeTrax SkyCoupe


March 1995: Famous British inventor Toby Clark Peterson published his book “New Age Transport: What Holds the Future of Movement”. On that book, he predicts that the future of automobiles lies on air-based door-to-door transportation and “normal” road cars will soon be history by the year 2020.

April 1996: With the investment from the Japanese tech firm Nishikawa Inc, Toby went on to found GeTrax in Oxford. GeTrax is founded to develop “air-based personal and family mobility vehicles”, including flying cars.

May 1996: Project A01, GeTrax’s first (and last) project has started internally.

July 1997: The Asian economic crisis has arrived. The project came to an abrupt halt due to financial issues.

September 1997: Toby Clark Peterson announces that he is resigning as CEO of the company, due to a scandal involving himself.

December 1997: GeTrax is now officially acquired by Nishikawa Inc.

March 1998: Project A01 is now restarted thanks to improved economic conditions.

March 1999: The result of Project A01, aka the SkyCoupe flying car is shown to the public. Featuring a removeable wing module, and a lightweight design, combined with a low price the SkyCoupe is planned to be “the mass market flying car”.

January 2000: A new factory is built in northern Wales, as the main factory for GeTrax to produce the SkyCoupe and other vehicles.

April 2000: The SkyCoupe is officially on sale and it was priced at $29,200 for the base model.

June 2000: GeTrax is on trouble as the company is having serious financial issues. Days later, the company’s spokesman has announced the end of SkyCoupe production due to lower-than-expected sales.

December 2000: the final SkyCoupe has officially left the factory. Total production units: 55.

January 2001: GeTrax announces bankruptcy after unable to make up ends. Most of the company’s assets were sold to Nishikawa Inc. and other companies.

Construction AHS Steel Space Frame, Aluminium Panels
Seating 4 Seats
Engine 899cc Inline 3 Turbo + Dual Rear-Mounted Propellers
Horsepower 110 hp @ 7000 RPM
Torque 112 Nm @ 4600 RPM
Top Speed 236 km/h
0 - 100 8.6 s
Max Air Speed 200 km/h
Service Ceiling 9000 m
Useful Load 200 kg
Range 345 km
Wings Fiberglass, Removeable
Weight (with wings) 695 kg
Price $29,200
More Pictures!

(This was an entry to CSR124 but I feel it’s a bit too risky to launch something like this and get binned so I decide that I’ll just post it here anyway.)


Given that this is the first time I’ve seen anyone build anything even remotely resembling a flying car, this is a surprisingly convincing first attempt.

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Agreed. It’s so random and unique that you gotta love it!

sike, another chinese suv from me again
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