C++ errors

So why come, exactly, does this game feel compelled by some mystical force to issue C++ errors every time I click on ANYTHING? The game will now no longer…

Save any work that I’ve done.
Load any test maps.
Let me test my engines.

I’ve installed it and re installed it multiple times.

Edit: The exact quote the error gives me is as follows:

Lua Error:
tolua++ dbcall failed!: [string “–client\functional\CCarManager.lua…”]:151: attempt to index field ‘Results’ (a nil value)

Did you try to (re-)move all your models from Documents\Automation\Models?

I cleared every engine, model, platform and snapshot from it. I deleted every folder from every drive and ran CCleaner to remove the registry entries. The game was gone.

Alright, which path are you installing the game to, and do you have unlimited access to that one?
I think in another thread I read you had two installs of the game running in parallel, do they each have their own folder in documents, too?

Also, please attach the log files from after one of these crashes, log.txt and KeeEngineLog.txt, preferably after you recreated the most direct crash you can.
Sorry for you troubles :frowning:

Key log attached.
KeeEngineLog.txt (79 KB)