CAB - 1970's Light Sports

Hi I am hosting a new competition combining Automation and We are currently doing our third competition, which is about 1970’s light sports cars. Results will be posted onto YouTube. Rules are listed below, and if you are interested, the discord link to join the competition is below that. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

Car Requirements:
Available Years: 1970 - 1974

Maximum 3 doors
Maximum 2.5L displacement
Maximum $18k approximate cost
Maximum 2.2k lbs
Maximum $1k service costs
Minimum 2 seats
Minimum 10 drivability and comfort
Minimum 16 MPG
At least 60s standard safety

No Engine stress


Game Version 4.2

Deadline: 3/13/2022 by end of day

Discord: Competition AutoBeam


This equates to just under 1000 kg, for those more accustomed to the metric system.

I reckon this is because even as early as 1970, some 2-door coupe bodies have a hatchback rear window that serves as a third door.

If I am not mistaken, this is in US MPG.

Also, are there any restrictions on fuel type? I don’t think catalytic converters will be required (or even allowed) for cars made in 1972 or later, though - using them would put you at a significant performance disadvantage given the era in which this challenge takes place.

Just for realism’s sake, the maximum cylinder count should be capped at 6.

And although the use of wing fixtures is not permitted, what about lips and spoilers? And how many of either can we use?


There were some v8s that were about that size at the time, afaik.

Those engines were the exception, not the rule.

Fair play. I do actually agree that 6 cylinders are adequate for this challenge.


‘Exception’ doesn’t mean ‘unacceptable’. We’re talking about light sportscars, and a lot of Italians made V8s of the appropriate displacement.


Daimler did too. Those were the ones I was thinking of originally.

If the use of wing fixtures is prohibited, then what about lip and spoiler fixtures? I’d suggest a maximum of two of the former and one of the latter - but no aero cheese (such as hiding an aero fixture by setting all of its materials to transparent and/or moving it far enough away from the body through 3D manipulation) will be allowed.