(CAB) Birth of the hypercar

CAB Season 0 Round 5: Birth of the Hyper car


Sports cars are obsolete it’s dawn of the super cars in the bi-weekly competition we are building late 90s super cars . Performance isn’t everything, modern buyers want a little prestige to go with all their speed. So as customers sell off their EMC stocks they need something to show off their new found wealth. let’s show what that money can buy them with excess power and top of the line race inspired machines. Beauty of design and presence are a must, because no one grew up with a poster of a jetta on their wall.

Specs as follows.

Years for competition will be 1995-1999

Engine sizes must be 4.0L or less for turbo cars and 8.0L max for NA builds

Cost must be 100,000 or less

Rear wheel drive only for Mid or Rear engine cars

Must have 2 seats minimum

Fuel must be 98RON (93 AKI) no tuning

Prestige must be 60 or greater

Sliders must be -0 to +8

Max loudness of 60

Only 1 wing permitted (no ghost wings)

Must have catalytic converter

Advanced 90s safety

Must have LSD differential (No manual or auto lockers)

Top speed must be min* 180MPH (290KPH)

Must have power steering

Game version 4.2

Car Entry Deadline 04/10/22 (Month-Day-Year)
Entry is closed.

Vote now for your favorite entries bellow!

Race deadline 04/17/22 track TBD (vote based)

We look forward to seeing your work on our discord

Is this a minimum value?

I think you mean a proper LSD (either viscous or geared), not a manual or automatic locker.

Yes to both, I edited. This is my first time heading the page sorry :sweat_smile:

Given that not all markets have 98 RON/93 AKI widely available, would 95 RON be a more viable option?

The catalytic converter in question must be a three-way unit of some sort, because even in the time frame of your rule set, emissions were already an area of concern.

What about lip/spoiler quantity and placement? At any rate, ghost fixtures of those kinds won’t be permitted either.

Not all supercars and hypercars of the era had power steering, so I suggest this should be downgraded to a recommendation instead of an explicit requirement. And considering that variable electric power steering is not yet available by then, I’m expecting everyone to use a variable hydraulic system if power steering remains mandatory.

Not my rule set just the mod for PR :wink: also not all rules are 100% to include all sub types or regulations for all markets. These are generalized sets that are meant to give a direction, keep competition rounded and semi accurate to the world we live in as well as the auto/beam worlds we are filling.