Campaign Let's Play: Carota Motors - SEEKING RIVAL -

My new Youtube Let's Play, Carota Motors, is underway!

It’s a 100x difficulty start in Ellisbury campaign, and the theme is that we’re a former, failed scooter company with a goal of making cheap, shitboxes fun compact cars that are affordable to everyone.

I’m taking suggestions for what to do from the Youtube comments, and this thread or discord or anywhere else you can find me. Everything’s on the table from our company strategy to the names and colors of new cars.

But here's the big twist!

Before episode 3, I’m interested in seeking out another car company (or more than one) to be my rival! I have figure out how to add a player company save file into the game, so that they compete against me for sales and can be seen in the sankey chart. This can be a campaign save file or a sandbox company. If you’re interested, I would need a copy of your campaign save file or sandbox.db. More details on how this works here.

I know @Der_Bayer is running the biggest Let’s Play right now- interested in a collaboration?

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I could join you for this event, as I could use a new brand other than Rhania

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by that, as in you want to make Carota cars? What I had in mind was if someone else already has a save file, especially with their own youtube series, I could compete against their savegame during the Carota youtube series.

Alternatively, if you want to compete against my cars, I’ll be making that available after the next episode. You can have Carota Motors appear as a competing company in the campaign, but of course if you catch up to where I am there will be no more cars, and I’ve been playing at a slow pace between video editing and other stuff.

Yeah, like I’d be making a new brand for myself as it’s been a long time since I’ve made one as I’ve been using Rhania for a long time

New episode! In this one I learn why springing for steel presses as early as humanly feasible might not be the best idea… I guess my way of thinking is stuck in older game versions!

We need to make more trims for the Coniglio II, and replace the original Coniglio with something that’s made out of aluminum (so it can still be made in the small factory) and doesn’t compete as directly, since having a car on sale alongside its own successor is a rubbish idea.

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That’s because steel requires a medium factory (not a small one) at minimum. Aluminum, on the other hand, requires a small factory (which works in favor of lower-volume specialists) instead of a medium one.

Hey, I just saw you tagged me here! I like the idea of competing against cars from the community a lot! However, I am still on the 4.2 version and will not start another campaign in parallel, as I am struggling with the Might Motors playthrough already.

Would it still help you to have the sandbox exports of the cars? I could transfer them to 4.3 and give them a small overhaul to make them work with the new bottom end calcs and stuff. Although I guess when emissions are a thing Might Motors might not be well prepared :smiley:

Well I knew that… I just used to find that the margins were always worth it to go for it as early as possible. In this case I did all the work to build the steel factory only to find that the profit margins were about the same as my aluminum cars, once the the tooling was taken into account, and the loan is threatening the company!

Thanks for replying! Back when I first tagged you I didn’t realize your game was on stable. Technically you could update the cars, but it’s probably not worth the effort. It’s still not really an even comparison without playing with emissions and other changes.


New episode is up! Vacation after this so no episode next week.Put together a mod for the badge, but it’s a bit rubbish so don’t expect to see it on the workshop (maybe a better version later though?) I have plans for further improvements on the competitor database modifications as well, and I’m still seeking more competitors, so send me your save file if you want to show up as a rival in the videos!

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Episode 5 is here! I uh, messed up some footage, but we’re moving forward. Got lots of good comments to work with this time, so keep it up!

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