Campaign mode, game changing my I5 to I3 engine

in the 1970s I created a Inline 5 engine 2.3L, first cars went great, I did a facelift and copied the engine (so old one was still there for future). Everything looked okay, signed off on cars.

Later I noticed it was showing the cars had a 1499cc engine, which I never made.
I went to make another facelift and sure enough its showing inline 3 1499cc, but my original engine still shows inline 5 2500cc. When I click on family overview (like the name field) it changes back to Inline 5, then if I exit screen and comeback it says inline 3 again.

If I clone one of the engines I have it only gives me an inline 3 (even cloning the original inline 5).

Obviously this is a bug since you can’t change engine size, but annoying in middle of campaign after spending a ton of money time on that engine/factory. One of the first “bugs” I have come upon after hours of playing (at least bugs I am aware of…)

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