Campaign strategies

I’ve made quite a few campaign runs(excluding bankruptcies) and there are a couple of strategy questions on my mind where I would very much appreciate your opinion.

1 - Specialisation: My first companies were generalists, meaning I ended up having loads of different models > family car, city car, premium, muscle, sport, track, pick up truck, delivery, etc… Right now I’m doing one run where I’m focused on premium cars(premium, fam premium, muscle premium) but still my tendency is to try to profit from the markets I’m missing out on) Specialising would seem like a good idea so you’ll get all the market awareness and the parts knowledge specific for those types of cars.

2- Engine family to car model ratio: Often I end up with a 1 to 1 ratio, so basically with 2 factories per model in production which I guess it does not seem like a very economical thing to do. How many models per engine family do you normally have?

Highly specialized playthroughs can be fun :slight_smile: set your own goals, for example trying to survive building cars that always have more sportiness than drivability, or cater to only the superior luxury and GTP markets, etc.

Using engine families as widely as possible is the most efficient. If you are a generalist and have 5 different models, then using the same engine family for three of them and another one for the two others would seem about right.


I guess I should pay more attention to the real world :wink:
I’m learning so much about auto industry just by playing this game, while having great fun! So thanks!

Yeah, specialising adds more fun to it and the premium campaign was quite a success(with great cars to drive in BeamNG too). It becomes quite something else difficulty-wise if one tries to focus on Utility or Sports. I wish for a better balance in customer bases. As it is now, if your main demographic is big in Gasmea, then you’re ok, if not, better rethink your strategy(or expectations). It would be nice to add more regions and to make them more equivalent in terms of size while quite different in terms of customer desires.

Without checking the numbers I would say that on average I get 4x bigger profits from gasmea than from the other 4 regions combined. (as soon as they’re all unlocked and without needing to start in Gasmea)