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1992 Zerve Kaveat 1700i Camper

All the basics! FWD, EFI Boxer 4, 5MT

Upon Closer Inspection




The car itself is good. But I am afraid that it might get on the list of the most stolen cars. There is something about it that attracts thieves. All right, out with the realism!


As is often the case, I’m utterly confused by your comment :thinking:

@Restomod Why back hinged doors? And fender mirrors?

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That may be a valid argument on the grounds that smuggling rings could steal it on account of its ability to transport large quantities of illicit and/or stolen goods for its size. Its unassuming looks also mean that it will hardly catch the attention of local law enforcement. However, it’s not likely to be very fast, so in the event they get spotted in this thing, a quick getaway will be difficult.

On another note, the mirrors seem awkwardly placed to me, and are of the wrong shape to boot. I like the two-tone color scheme, though.

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The back-hinged doors were just there for weirdness (It’s A Zerve Thing™), though the fender mirrors were probably a bit too much.

Jesus christ abg! You dare call it slow? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did somebody say offroad?

Same engine, but now it has lockers, a crawler 5-speed manual, and 4wd.

Edit: More luxurious trim of camper released in 1994.


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A more powerful (not necessarily bigger) engine could go some way to fixing that issue. Remember when the V6 Ford Transit vans were favored by the European criminal underworld back in the 60s? I could see the same thing happening here.

80 horsepower is plenty for a relaxing camping trip. Routed to the front through either a 4 speed auto or a 5 speed manual, it cruises the highways and dirt roads with ease.