Can-Am Mini Challenge

Hey guys, some of you might know me from the Automation Beam Championship, the weekly championship judging lap time (you drive yourself), automation scores (markets/things like sportiness, automation test track time etc.) and a public aesthetic vote each round too. As we get things ready for season 5, we are running loads of mini challenges which will be posted on reddit too.

The first one is Can-Am racing, and here are the key rules:


Can-am racing was run in North America between 1966 and 1974, and is considered by many to be the greatest race series ever run. What made the series so spectacular, and so historically remembered, is how little rules actually governed how each car was built. 2 seats, closed bodywork and 2 doors. Anything else went. By the end of the series, huge manufacturers such as McLaren, Porsche and Chaparral were spending millions on their cars, testing the limits of engineering and driver skill with unrestricted engines and aerodynamics. By 1973, Porsche were rumoured to be outputting 1,500hp in qualifying trim, making these cars faster than the Formula 1 cars of the time.


Car trim and engine variant must be 1966-1974

Car must have 2 full size seats

No invisible wings OR wings hidden inside bodywork

No beam tuning (locking diffs are allowed to be turned on/off if used)

No rolling starts

No cutting corners (2 wheels on track at all times)

No wall riding

Other standard championship rules apply


The goal of this mini challenge is to set the fastest time on the Road Atlanta Circuit.

You can request any driver to drive your car if you would like/need a driver to do your car justice, just dm them on the server!

If you are interested in joining us for either the championship or just for this mini challenge, please dm me and I will send you a discord link!

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this is gonna be chaos, because you have no rules.

Enjoy the influx of +15 spammed monsters who make no realistic sense.

Try actually implement some rules, and you might get a little bit of interest.

Right now, your best bet would be find a car that can fit a large V12/V16, +15 everything, and throw it around.


On the topic of rules I do think they should be as loose as possible, but just tight enough that people will have to make some slight compromises. Maybe something like 600 engineering time(five years) so not every slider can be maxed and it still would make sense thematically.

I’m also unsure about the claim of bigger engine always being better due to the limitations of the spring stiffness in automation acting as a limit to how much downforce you can run and the extra weight it will add. I’ll make a quick test vehicle with a 7 or so liter V10 or v12 and post the results as a baseline, and then work on my actual entry after that.

Hey! Actually, in our championship we are super tight on rules, we are just having a break between season 4 and 5, so we have these mini challenges that allow people to go nuts basically.

Here is an example of a typical round from season 4:

I’ll keep the mini challenges on the discrod server for now, as you are right that people on the forums prefer tighter rules for challenges. Do you think the rules above would suit a forum post?

Yeah, if we decide to run this as an actual championship event, we would be much stricter on regulations. If you see the other reply I left, you can see our typical events.

This is just 1 “mini challenge” we are running between seasons, as we get set up for season 5 of the championship. They are wacky ideas like this (no rules), soap box racing (no engine), and another example is beat x time on x track with the lowest sportiness possible.

I think these are best suited to be advertised on reddit/our discord, but I think I’ll advertise the championship on the forums too, as it is a weekly well run championship that allows everyone to drive for themselves and submit laps, as well as scoring using markets/automation scores and a public aesthetics vote.