Can I Cheat Bore & Stroke With DB?

Hello, i tried cheating with DB Browser. I saved changes, I’m opened game & changes is success but when I’m entering the again resets the old value. Where engine databases or why reseting to the old value? I think I’m something forgot or cheating is disabled in the game. I’m will be play Kee version for temporary time. Thank you & greets.

It used to be possible, but the bore and stroke limits of 120mm are now hard-coded to the game, effectively making it impossible to exceed 1357cc per cylinder, as the game isn’t setup to handle oversized engines like that


My guess was right. There’s two solutions:

  1. I’ll either use the Kee version for solution
  2. Modding the internal game files that’s dangerous to copyright.

The best solusion is 1st. Becuase I’m will going to be in a lot of trouble with 2nd solution & 1st solution is easiest way. Kee version is acceptable & I can use but UE4 version is sightly better than Kee version. So thank you for the answer. :blush:

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