Can you identify that fluid

First person to do so gets a cookie… they just have re to buy it themselves

Something tells me that’s not grape soda. :laughing:

Used motor oil? I see what appear to be rod bearings in the background. hahaha

Not used motor oil… or grape soda…

I’m shooting that it’s a brake fluid

Looks slightly purple, transmission fluid?

Not Brake fluid.

Nialloftara is close.

Headlight fluid!

oh wait.

gear oil?

^^Yeah you’re probably right, if I’m close I’m guessing it came from one of his differentials.

Nope, my gear oil is cleaner.

If it’s close to transmission fluid and it’s not gear oil, then it’s most likely power steering fluid?

DING DING DING we have a winner!!!

It’s rare, but occasionally my synapses all fire at once. :laughing:

Shouldn’t power steering fluid be a pretty ruby red colour? :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s a Honda it should be a very pale yellow. Otherwise yes.

thats what color it was when I put it in. :frowning: