Can you set the ride height on an air suspension vehicle that was created in automation in beamng?

i have created a vehicle with air suspension and i don’t know how to lift it.

Adjust suspension height before exporting.

There’s no such feature, it would be cool, but yeah, probably hard to implement

I saw that the in-game cars from beam (civeta bolide) can be fitted with air susspension and they work. My controls are the default "shift+ g or h ". Hope they implement it in the future, my discovery 4 is not the same without rising susspension in off road situations.

Automation and beam cars are much different story

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Yeah this isn’t how this works… You can edit the suspension files to that of the bolide with air suspension, but that’s a topic for the beam forums.


Thank you guys for the help. Now back to the drawing board :grin: