[CANCELLED] 'The Future From The Past' Challenge

Most likely, ive been pretty busy so i havent had the chance to look at the changes in the new update. If anything is changed i’ll announce it

Basically, everyone’s going to be over budget, that’s one thing that seems to be universal. You’ll probably need to raise the budget cap.


The Sirius T1500 like a mid- or rear-engined car, and given the rules of the challenge, it definitely is one. The transparent panels in the doors make a Senna LM seem somewhat conservative by comparison.


New automationverse dream car…


Yeah I went like $700 over bugdet with the new patch, and I had to make some shameful :see_no_evil: budget cuts to get it back to $26k without redesigning the whole drivetrain concept.


Hmm, i’ll probably up the budget by 1000 if thats true


I’ll still have to send in a couple revisions (The Bricksley’s colors got messed up by 4.2.6 and the Storm ended up at $27,500, but I got it under 27,000 again), but that sounds like a plan.

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Hello everyone, i have decided to slightly change the rules and give everyone and extra 1000 bucks. I recommend that everyone who has already sent their car checks if it still works, otherwise it’ll not compete.


Hello everyone, just another reminder that everyone who sent their cars before the 4.26 update needs to send them in again if you havent already, so @Sky99 and @Fayeding_Spray are the ones i know of that need to resend their cars. Btw, if you have not received a message on your car being illegal, it is legal. I am letting a few things slide because of the update, such as prices that are slightly too high.


You can exclude my car from the competition, I’m not in the mood to respec the car.


Thats alright, is it ok if i fix it myself then? Just tell me around how much power it had and i’ll retune it myself, i think thats fair.

oh god, I have no idea what it made. Was potentially like 160. idk. You can certainly try.


GridWalk idea Check this out, idea for a future automation project.

Hi guys, we might need a delay. Were having some technical issues stream side. Most likely capture card.

VoltaireSport has an image of 2000. An image where courtship itself is revolutionized. Our lever of change is the Tokyo-inspired, Dieppe-honed TinderBox RS. Our new creation blazes a new trail for sophisticated singles. The TinderBox owner in question drives to a date location, enjoying the turbo i-5 AWD performance on the way. This curious romantic sits in one of two movable captain’s chairs in back. Suitor(s) enter, and, with the aid of a hidden remote, the discriminating TinderBox owner can swipe left (ejecting the candidate out the left side sliding door), or swipe right (auto-dimming the rear windows and allowing the ample cargo space to convert to more exciting loads).
The year 2000 is bound to be full of excitement and short on time. With the aid of the TinderBox, we French can make sure it’s also a time for love. It is our duty, and our passion.
RHD English export model pictured because they need a hand in matters of the heart.


Comrades, you know we’re going to win the Cold War, right? So you might ask, “Then what?”

Well, here at State Industries, we’ll tell you what: “Stomp the remaining Imperialists out on road courses”.

The 2000 Zhukov Triumph 45 combines the latest in Soviet consumer luxuries with a ferocious spirit that will destroy Germans just as its namesake did. Infrared traffic monitors on all four corners, a heads-up display, windshield de-icing sprayers, and passenger-monitored electronic detection will keep you on the right side of history, while sport seats, a cassette radio, and radio-operated doors show you what proletarian luxury is.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Zhukov unless it were victorious. Its 1.5L boxer makes over 200hp, combining with our finest AWD system, 5 speed manual, and burly-chested tires to storm around flanks and up heights so that it’d bring a tear to Georg’s own eyes. Meet the losers on their own turf, like Spa – I mean Monza – I mean Donington Park – I mean Laguna Seca. I think their last outposts might still control that track by then. Das vidaniya!

It also crashes really well:


Have you sent me your car files yet? Im not sure

Hi guys, bad new. Delay. For now, it has been put back 2 days. Round 1 is now on sunday and round 2 still needs to be decided. I’ll keep you all updated, deadline has also been moved so you have a little bit more time to enter.


Nope! I will tonight I think.


I am becoming SO INCREDIBLY ANGRY. The recent update broke all cars AGAIN, so to the people who sent in a car before it please send it in with a retune AGAIN. I feel like we might as well cancel this at this point.
Unless any of you have a solution for this issue, we will get a complete cancel.

Currently the cancel chance is 75 %