[CANCELLED] 'The Future From The Past' Challenge

Welcome to the future from the past challenge! In this challenge, you will be creating a (concept) car from the year 1985 that shows what they thought that the year 2000 would be like. Concept cars can be normal, exciting, and ugly. In this challenge, we want the weird but exciting and partially conventional. Be creative and crazy, but still make the cars technically producible.
This wont be easy, but with some effort its possible.


Rule 1: This challenge is happening into the newest version of automation (open alpha/beta), 4.2.

Rule 2: First let me bring up some stuff said before. The car must be from 1985 and must be a look into the future from then. Meme cars are partially allowed but don’t make them too ridiculous.

Rule 3: The price limit is 27000. That might sound easy, but later rules will show that its not that easy. As these cars are concept cars and are not super low or high quality, the quality of parts can either be 0 or +1.

Rule 4: As these cars of the future, they need some futuristic engines, in which i mean TURBOS YEAHHH! Sorry, got a little too excited there. Anyways, the maximum engine size is 1.5 liter and the engines MUST be turbocharged. The engine must use 95 RON fuel. Do your best on turbo tuning as it might be difficult.
By the way, do not use intercoolers below 0, as they are currently broken.

Rule 5: Your car must be road legal/fit with the challenge. (At least 2 mufflers, must have power steering, must have at least premium seats and premium cassette, must have ABS, must have advanced 80s safety, no semi slicks, must have a catalytic converter, at least 2 full seats etc.)

Rule 6: Your car MUST use either air suspension or hydropneumatic suspension. You know, “THE FUTURE”.

Rule 7: No advanced trim settings are allowed EXCEPT making stuff invisible, chassis tunnel size and engine position. NOTE: Please do not put your engine in fake positions, such as a front-engined car having the engine visually in the back.

Rule 8: All bodies are allowed EXCEPT stuff like open wheelers and LM cars. Any other unfair bodies/mods will also be banned if any are released.

Rule 9: Have fun, and if you find any massive loopholes message me so i can possibly change the rules.

2 Entrants per person are allowed. Certain exceptions are allowed if you are creating a car for someone else.

We prefer FWD and AWD for this challenge, as these suspension layouts can otherwise be difficult to drive. 4x4 and RWD are allowed but you have to make them easily drivable.

Make your car advanced, we like that for this challenge.
Make it look special, something you wont see anywhere else. Eye-catching. Something that’s really memorable in this competition, even compared to other cars. You do have to make it at least slightly attractive and at least a little normal though.
If you make a writeup or ad for your car, you might get up to 3 bonus points. Post these publicly in the comments of this challenge.

The challenge will be streamed on Twitch.
The deadline for this challenge is the 6th of February at 12 pm PST.
Round 1 is on Friday the 6th of February at 2pm PST, Round 2 is on Sunday the 9th of February at PST, and a possible round 3 is on Wednesday the 12th of February.
Send the cars to Djadania on discord (DM) or send them in a private post on the forums so he can rulecheck them.
If you have suggestions for rule changes, message me.
You can find me on Brad’s discord: Brad Lee Garage.

Remember to ask questions, and again, have fun!
IMPORTANT: Due to technical issues the times for stream and deadline might be changed.


Just so you all know, i usually wont be able to respond to comments sometimes due to not being home, so responses might take a while.

Usually I would be happy if this were in 4.1.

DAMMIT! It’s 4.2 -__-"

Bye bye fuel efficiency.

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Lmao, dont worry about it. We wont be regulating fuel efficiency just because its not perfect yet. My 1.3 liter turbo somehow has 14.7 mpg which already says something

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Is there a potential to allow this to move an engine to do an interior. My current build has the engine quite heavily making it’s way into the passenger compartment :smiley:

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Sure, i’ll change it. I will say that i dont want people to put their engines in a fake place, which is what happend last challenge. Someone put their front-engine into the back which kind of ruined that car for me, so i wanted to stay cautious. I’ll change it. EDIT: Changed it

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Hmm… My strongest design era combined with a retro-future theme…

Count me in. I’ve got a few ideas in mind.

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I think I work too quickly to be any good, but fuggitdood

1985 EAAC Exilus T-V8-M

Concept cars are often weird. This one is also weird. Mid engined, 1.5L V8 with a single turbo, full on canopy roof, and otherwise just kinda weird mechanically because of the requirements of the challenge.

It’s exactly $26,000 on my end though, so who knows.


Stupid question, but I use AKI. Is 95 RON the Regular Unleaded or the Premium Unleaded?

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My only suggestion is to allow advanced settings for transmission tunnels. This makes creating interiorm much easier :sunglasses:

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Hmm, i’ll look into that. Didnt know that that existed

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Yep, im changing it. Didnt know that this existed, thanks!

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So, something new from me for this challenge is that I’ve made two cars, one somewhat low-effort and one I put some effort into.

The low effort car is:

Storm Asp Concept

It’s 1985, Group B is in full swing and doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon. Storm Automotive is still in full commitment to bring the small hatchback concept into production for another attempt at a rally victory, but we wondered: What would the future be like if everyone could own a rally car?

This led us to the Asp concept. Named for a deadly venomous pit viper in what will become a tradition of naming potent cars after deadly snakes, the Asp is a small, two door hatchback with an engine nearly making 100 horsepower per liter from its 1.5L single-turbocharged DOHC 24 valve all aluminum V6 engine. Power is fed through a five speed manual gearbox into a 50/50 split SymTrak unit, spinning all four wheels with enthusiasm.

Sure, it might look a little too radical for today’s roads, but the drivers of Tomorrow will look at it fondly and think, “This was a great idea.”

And now, the more seriously-designed car:

Bricksley CF85 Concept

Family. We’re all a part of one, at some point in time. The families of the 50’s got around in great lumbering road barges that had stout V8 engines, got terrible MPG, and filled the air with lead fumes. The families of the 60’s got around in cars best described as four wheels attached to the biggest engine they could find. The 70’s families had to deal with a fuel crisis, and got around with vehicles best described as terrible. We live in the 1980’s, and our cars are small, yet powerful. Classic, yet sophisticated. Boxy, and unassuming.

But, what if we changed that?

This is our new CF85. CF stands for Concept Family, and 85 for the year of the design. We’ve thrown all of the space age technology in here to see what works and what doesn’t. The first thing you’ll notice is the sleek, semi-aerodynamic design. The second is the large amount of glass. Visibility is often a problem in car designs, with giant A, B, or C pillars making it hard to see. Not a problem here.

What you may not have noticed at first, however, are a few interesting features we’re trying out that may, or may not, end up in future cars. The first of those interesting features are the magnetic-levitation wheels, offering an excellent and smooth ride when combined with our Cloud-Rider air suspension. These unique wheels are still highly experimental, but our tests have found that they are quite comfortable to drive on, though we have yet to push the car past 20 miles per hour while doing so.

Another interesting feature are the video-camera rear-view mirrors. A camera in an aerodynamic housing is less bulky than a mirror, and offers a better view at night thanks to our optional infrared lighting modules. No more backing over the garbage can or reversing into a co-worker just because you can’t get a good view with your mirrors. Our trusty wide-aspect-ratio CRT screens will show you everything in crisp and bright grayscale.

Then there is the all digital dashboard. No more will you fight with inaccurate gauges, ridiculous speedometers that only give you every 10 miles per hour, or gas gauges that leave you guessing. We’ll give you the exact percentage (to the nearest whole number) of fuel left in your tank, tell you precisely how hot your coolant is (in degrees Celsius), how fast you’re moving (and you can change that from MPH to KM/H with a press of a button!), and even tell you how hot (or cold) it really is outside. Is it information overload? Not in our eyes.

Then, you have our patent-pending floppy-disk navigation system, which reads your pre-created turn-by-turn directions with a voice synthesizer module integrated into the dash computer. Using all of the data from your trip computer, these directions will be accurate every step of the way. (At least, as accurate as you were when you made them with your trusty HAL PC.) But don’t worry if you missed the computer telling you what to do, we’ve given you a monochrome display right next to the rear-view camera screen that displays all of your directions for you, in crystal-clear 80-column format.

Also, enjoy some music on our high-end cassette deck, complete with auto-reverse and soft tape eject features. One of these days, we’ll even figure out how to stop the cassette tapes from becoming tangled up in the mechanism.

Keys are a relic of the past, too. Simply enter your 8 digit pass-code into the door-mounted keypad to unlock the car, and enter it again in the center console keypad to start the engine. When you’re ready to drive, push a button on the computer controlled Selecta II automatic transmission control panel, and you’ll be on the road in no time. No more lost time just because you left your keys in the house, or worse, left them in the hotel that’s now 3,000 miles away courtesy of that flight you barely caught.

While some of the features in the CF85 won’t make it to your new cars, other features just might. What will the future hold? Wait and see!


The Prisma

67 year old retired accountant Harry Tiperton was doing his usual early morning jog on the shore of the Great Salt Lake in Utah one Summer Day in 1985 However, this was not going to be just an ordinary day as he spotted something quite unusual. Just on the shore of the lake sat what appeared to be a gleaming silver car.

As he approached the vehicle he found himself perplexed. Why would a car be sitting on the edge of a lake in a pristine condition nearly half a mile away from the nearest road? As he looked around, there did not appear to be signs of an owner either. How unusual.

Harry was a car nut, he knew his makes and models very well. But this wasn’t something that he had seen before. The badge was completely foreign to him and the only tell tale signs of what the vehicle was, is a giant badge below a set of neon tail lights that said “PRISMA”.

Peering through the all glass canopy, Harry sees a set of keys attached to the ignition. Thinking this was an act of god, he decided to try opening the door only to find that it was open. How odd… As he cautiously climed in, he found the car was quite plush. A yellow sticky note was attached on the passenger side dash. It read:

1. Set the dashboard clock
2. Keep it above 5000rpm for maximum performance
3. Take it up to 88mph
4. (The text was smudged out)
5. Press the big red button on the center console

Now at this point, being a car fan how could Harry not commandeer this vehicle. Being a religious man, Harry saw the car as a gift from god. He took the car to the nearby Bonneville Salt Flats and found the car appeared to not have any performance under 5000rpm.

He tried for hours trying to figure our what the fourth step was constantly repeating steps one to five. But it appeared he was only wasting his time and money (multiple gas refills, appalling fuel efficiency!). Every time he tried, absolutely nothing happened. He decided to keep the car in his garage and use it more as a thing to behold rather than drive as the only thing special about it was the looks.

But the thought continued to haunt him. What was the fourth step? And what was the car supposed to do if he got the fourth step right? Maybe someone was just pulling a prank on him…


@Sky99 Have you sent me the car file? I cant find it

Not yet, hang on.

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Hello everyone, brad has changed his twitch name to bradleegarage. Just so you know


The future is now, for only $26000.


Specs? Experience it yourself.


Hey man, any tweaking needed for 4.2.6?

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