Cannot Export Multiple Cars and is it possible


There is a button titled ,Attempt to export multiple cars’’ when you go to the vehicles creator and then list view mode and click on some sort of family. It has for example: DKW name and then some configs like 1.8, 1.5, 1.7 and sligtly diffrent car models. But when you click on it it just takes you to exporter choosing firstly created trim. By that I mean i firstly created 1.7 then 1.8 and then 1.5 so it takes mo to the 1.7 trim. Is there any way that you can make those trims? I’ve just seen a Topic that was created a bit of time ago. I know that it can be done by changinf the files location after exporting every single car one by one and how to tweak those files to work? I have looked at the automation repository in and i’ve seen something in files of this mod but i’m still not sure how to do it. Thank for any help and for reading this hole topic. Good Day or night mates.

This is a bug on our end of things; the BeamNG exporter is only ever intended to export cars one at a time. What you’re seeing is the tooltip intended for the .car file export button, being displayed on the BeamNG exporter button.

We’ve already got a fix for this with the next update that we push; apologies for any confusion caused by this!

Thank you, now I know. Have a good day!

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