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Cannot export vehicle, game directs me to My Files instead

I have built a car and I was trying to import it. And at first, it seems that the game shows that the vehicle is exported.

But then, when I clicked on the “Open Folder” button, it shows the “This PC” page instead of the car export folder. When I located the folder, the supposedly exported vehicle file is not showing on the folder.

I tried doing the same thing on some vehicles (including one with the same body as the culprit) to make sure the game can export other vehicles. It worked on others I tried, but for some reason it can’t export the one I wanted.

Attached here is my DxDiag file.
DxDiag.txt (116.7 KB)

(If anyone’s wondering, yes, I’m running the Windows 11 preview right now)

Check if you have any forbidden characters in the name, like /

Yeah, kinda forgot about that.