Cannot join public beta

I purchased automation around a week ago and I’ve been having trouble joining the public beta. Here are the instructions per Automation…

“If you haven’t joined the open beta yet but want to, just go to your Steam Library, right-click Automation, Properties, Betas, opt in to the open beta.”

I followed those instructions, however, there is no option on the dropdown to opt in to the open beta. Other Steam games I have this option, but cannot find it for Automation. Any ideas on why?

It should look like this, if it doesn’t, make sure you are checking the properties for the right game.

I made it to that screen, however, my only option is “NONE-Opt out of all beta programs.” Confirmed I am in the correct game. I recently upgraded to windows 10, but I highly doubt that would have anything to do with this.

Well this is embarrassing. I fixed the issue and am currently downloading the public beta. I didn’t realize the game was open in the background which was preventing me from opting in to the beta.