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Can't Build Cars or Delete Factories


So, wanted to try this game after 4 years; see how far it has come.

Anyway, trying the campaign; spent 4 hours designing the car and the engine but now I can’t progress through the factory sign off page because I can’t build steel presses on anything other than Medium factory.

Okay fine. I’ll just build a medium factory at extra cost from scratch just to move this along. But nope. Game still insists that I sign off on the tiny factory first. Which I can’t, because I can’t build a steel press. And if I don’t build a steel press, it won’t let me progress.

Can’t delete the factory.

Can’t change the material of the car because it’s 1952 and steel is all I can use. (While aluminium body panels are available, I’m supposed to be building a low-cost, mass-market family car, not hand-made exotics. And the chassis still requires steel.)

So what now? How do I move forward?

Edit: Nevermind. I found the button to exclude it from the project.
Still. Why does the game give me a tiny/small factory if I can’t build stell presses on it?

Well, I suppose there’s a bit of context there to know that you need a medium factory to use the steel presses, so don’t build your car out of it. Still, you’ve learnt anyway.
Mostly you want bigger factories for common markets

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