Can't built cars at Tiny/Small factory

I’ve tried multiple combinations of car materials, but no matter what, the game won’t let me proceed on the factory screen for a Tiny/Small car factory. I assume it’s because the “Recommendation Not Met” flag for Aluminum Presses or SMC Injectors. But, you can’t get these at Tiny/Small factories. If I go medium, it works fine. But, there is not nearly enough demand for these limited production cars.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

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Aluminium presses are “recommended” which does not mean “required”, so you can produce the cars in a smaller factory but with more manual labor. Nothing wrong with that. SMC Injectors are the same in that regard. A streamlined process for making fiberglass like panels semi-automated.

The problem is that the game won’t let me proceed in making the small factory without the recommended addon. It literally stops me from proceeding unless I go up to medium.

I can build aluminium panel cars just fine in a small factory. What exactly are your settings for the chassis material and type, as well as the panel material?

Strange, not sure why I cannot. I get stuck on the factory size/addon screen. When I try to proceed, it won’t. I’ve attached screenshots of this screen, and the car that it’s doing it on. I recreated this scenario, as I had already proceeded on the last one, but it has the same exact issue. Different body, even, but same chassis selections. I hope this helps!

I will also try to attach the game files, but not sure if that’ll work
Images & Campaign File

Ahh, the bug is in not displaying the need for Steel Presses, because monocoque steel (galvanized) needs steel presses which you only get with a medium factory. We’ll look into that.

Alright, should be fixed for the next update.

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Yup, you’re right. I switch to ladder or space frame & it works fine. Looks like you’ve already got it implemented, but it needs to be added on both screens.

I’m glad to beta test for you guys! :slight_smile:

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