Can't edit engine!

The engine area is grayed out so is the trim part! I can’t create a clone of a model and give it a different engine.

It also says family locked, which i read makes it unable to edit the first tab, so how do i unlock it and why is it locked?

It locks if you have multiple variants in the same family
You can only unlock the 1st tab by deleting all but one of the variants

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that sucks, now i can’t use the same body type but with different engine?

You can.
when designing a new trim, on the top row there is an icon for the engine.

click this icon and it will take you to the engine selection screen where you can select either:
An already existing engine,
Clone an existing engine variant or
Create a whole new engine type.

In a future update, when you clone a car trim, you will be asked if you also want to clone the engine variant too. You will still however have to go the above route and chose option 3 if you want an all new engine though

It already asks me :confused: (though honestly it’s kind of annoying

Does it? Unfortunately I’m currently out of active service right now due to computer issues so about a week out of date

when it says clone variant and trim it said that you can edit the engine without affecting the original but i still cant edit it (i want an all new engine for the same family).

I’m sorry but I cannot replicate your issue.
When I clone a Trim and engine variant I am able to amend that engine variant without affecting the other variants in the same family.
What I cannot edit is the overall family details in the 1st tab where the block layout, material etc are set. This is by design.

Please post a screenshot if that is not what is occurring here.