Cant Finish The Car Build

Hello, Everything is fine but the problem is at the suspension, the last part of the whole build.
When I select Springs such as Active sport, or any type at the list, nothing appears at the graph and all the stats are N/A. I can’t finish any cars so it is impossible to even export to beam NG. Please help me out, I bought this game yesterday.

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Is this in the normal build or LCV3. Did you also select dampers and sway bars?

There was an issue with a picture so I’m replying once more. I play on normal build of the game. I attached one picture so you can have an idea about my problem. Thank you so much.

Here is one more Picture to be very clear.

try to re-select the drivetrain (as in: Longitudinal RWD for example)

this can help in some cases

Still no good. Constantly on the loading logo. :frowning:

well then…
tried my best

Start the game new, tzhat works for me, but maybe the car is gone…

That looks like the car fails to calculate. That can be due to various reasons. The most common one would be database corruption. Then the backup database would be loaded on a restart and you would lose that car you were working on but cars should calculate again.
Does that happen to all cars you build?

Hello, I have had the same issue above. I have reinstalled the game and restarted my PC. I’m playing in the Sandbox mode. Any other ideas?

As said in the post above, that is an issue with the database.
Move your database files to another folder. You find the files here:
\Documents\My Games\Automation