Can't get good reliability

I never seem to be able to get a car that has a reliability comparable to the AI competitors, neither in sandbox or campaign. One car that i made for example has a engine reliability of 93 but somehow only gets a 73 overal car reliability, when the ai competitor gets 85. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just a skill issue?

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Trim reliability is a combination of engine and trim reliability itself, this can be increased with good amounts of quality in the “trim” section, and interior is a major contributor to decreases in reliability the more premium it is. Things like power steering and also now gearbox stress in the open beta version of the game.

To be honest, it just sounds like the AI have bulletproof cars, 80 trim reliability is very good in my opinion, 70 is good and below 60 is very average if not bad. If you try those things then you should see an increase to your overall reliability.


It also seems to me that the game wants me to build a Mercedes 190 or Toyota Corolla…
Plenty of buyer budget as well. Seems most people in Automationverse are indeed wealthy. :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah, I think it’s bugged

Or the devs want us to make our cars from solidified Devmeth lmao

But seriously, there’s absolutely no way to reach the competitors reliability level without giving it +15 in the trim and drivetrain sections


Even when you do it it’s not enough and your competitor’s score goes up

If it really is a bug, I hope it gets fixed, because orange markets = bleeding eyes


there are a few things now impacting reliability: driving assists, especially steering but also abs and the likes, so stay short on those and put some quality point into. suspensions (not on chassis, on the suspension tuning tab) where everything more than progressive has their own reliability penalty, body quality influences reliability a lot, and ai runs at +5 there, and chassis quality as well, but that’s expensive to push. infotainment also effect reliability, but quality don’t improve it as much, so keep it simple there as well.

now research is essential to keep up with engineering cost for having to use quality on these expensive items

The reliability issue is really taking away the fun of the campaign for me, too.
Before the Ellisbury update I used to be able to run a profitable company without any worries. Now I can not design any cars that are desireable to the public and my companies go bankrupt fast.

I use the same difficulties etc, tried a lot of different segments and never get anything desireable without excessively maxing out quality levers, which I never needed to in the past and which makes the cars unrealistic. It should be possible to build a solid, middle of the road car with standard engineering choices and standard quality as it used to be and not be hit with dismal desirability.

Really takes the fun out of the game and maks campaign unplayable for me as of now.

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