Can't place a body in demo

I’m in the sandbox mode, creating a new platform. an after I select all of my chassis options I move to the body section to select a body style and they are all un-useable. I would understand having just one body style to go off of considering it’s a demo, but there are none that I can actually pick. All of the body options are the classic grey (Non playable color.) I am stuck here. I have my engines made and selected my chassis, but I still can’t put a body on my chassis. HELP!

There is one that is useable in the demo, can you screen shot the selection screen for us?

Yeah, just tested the current version and the car body in the top right of the list is usable for me in the demo

Yeah, I thought there was one that you could use. when I move to the body selection they are all grey, and un-useable.
How do you take a screen shot. is nit an F command or CTRL command?

Do you have a print screen or prt scn button on your keyboard? if you do then you can paste into whatever image program you want.

Hmmm, this is how it should look. Is that Mazda 2/Yaris looking body greyed out, or is it missing?

Yes. I have played the demo before on another computer and have used that body.
but when I go to try and select from that list, that body (mazda 2/hatchback) is also grey.
I’ve changed the year around to mess with it, tried all the options, reloaded the application, and I still can’t seem to choose a body type. I get the list of them, but every car style is grey.
And I do not have the print screen key.

idk if there’s anything else to do? I downloaded the demo from this site, and everything went as smooth as can be.
Would a re-install fix this issue?

Thank you everybody for the help so far.

A re-install should be worth a try.

Yeah, I think a reinstall is in order, something is strange with your install if that’s happening…