Can't Validate Product Key (Can't Connect to Server)

I’ve got a problem, when I Try to start up Automation it gives me a prompt that I can’t connect to (I can connect to it in my browser just fine)

And when I try to login and Validate my key, it says I can’t connect either. then It asks If i want to continue in offline mode. Which doesn’t work, because I haven’t activated my key yet.

Is there maybe a way to link my account to my key through a browser instead of using the Launcher?

I hope that this can be fixed :confused: I was looking forward to playing with the Larger engine types.
log.txt (1.98 MB)
KeeEngineLog.txt (220 KB)
DxDiag.txt (63.6 KB)

Activate your key (or check to see if it already activated) in “User Control Panel > Automation” here on the forums. Make sure you’re logging into the Automation Launcher using your forum username and password (password is case-sensitive).

I am using my Forum Password and Username, And i checked to see if my key was active, it seems like it is active. But It’s the first time starting up the game After i bought it, so the game probably doesn’t recognize my account as a non-demo account.

I seem to recall Caz mentioning that could happen if you have a slightly odd network setup. You dont’ happen to be connecting from a university network or something do you?

This is what you should see in your user profile under “Automation”.

I got no idea about my setup. I live in a assisted living group. So I have no way to change my setup. I do think it’s not an average setup though, but not much I can change about it. Except for maybe taking my desktop to my parents house :neutral_face: .

It hasn’t Always been giving errors like this I think.

And yes, that is what I get when i check my user control panel, so the game is activated.

In case this remains unresolved, I would suggest you convert over to Steam as soon as the next version is out, there should be no issue once it’s activated there.

Have you got a smartphone with a 3/4g connection? If so, you could turn on your personal hotspot and connect your desktop to that if it has wireless network capabilities.