Car Clone Deleted after Original Model Deleted

I had made a clone of one of my car models to test a few changes to the chassis, and liked those changes so I decided to delete the original model but it ended up deleting both the original model and the cloned model, is there a way to get at least one of them back? I’ve tried renaming the Sandbox_openbeta.dbbak file to Sandbox_openbeta.db but that didn’t work. I spent a couple of hours doing the interior and fine-tuning the car. Is there any other way to get it back?

If you delete an entire car model, all of its trims will be deleted, but if you clone the model first along with the trims, then deleting the original model will not remove the clone.

For some reason it did delete the clone, I only pressed delete once and the files for both the clone and the original disappeared. I’m not sure as to why it did that cause I had done the same thing before and the clone had stayed.

Are you using the 4.3 open beta instead of the 4.2 stable release?

Yeah I am, I figured it was probably a bug or something but I hoped if someone else knew a possible solution I could save it. I can always make the car again it’s just a bit of a shame since I was lowkey proud of it…