Car Creation Bug Encountered in Campaign 48 years in (Saved File Attached)

Save file: (Open Beta)

Project in Question: 1998 Supercar Concept (EDIT: In this Save file, it’s still called Model 1)

On Car project screens, all options have been chosen, engine created, stuck at infinite loading logo to generate stats. Interface doesn’t freeze, but it won’t calculate stats. If you force completion the re-edit, it generates some stats, but gets stuck on infinite loading again. I think it’s not fully loading the engine correctly, it’is supposed to be the V6 3.3L Extreme!

Hey Guys! Decided to do a full play through and was pretty in depth this time. I’ve gotta bout 15 to 20 hours in this save game, and it was going very well! This has been by far my most enjoyable play through in the campaign. SO MANY bugs have been eliminated with demographics and stats while many new features have been added! Great job Killrob and the rest of the Automation Team!

I’m a long time player, about 500 hours on steam, so if anyone wants to check out the save and check out my cars, feel free! I’m at about 5800 points in 1998 (Hard, I think), started at 1950. Car company is named Beast, and we have multiple lines of cars going. Currently, we’re revamping from Large 1 to Large 2 factories for our 3 trim budget car. The latest version out in 1999 will have a 75HP I4 1.8 with a wide power band and over 39 mpg for only. Upon release, 23k will be made per month, all selling at a 90 to 120% margin! We’re also a strong competitor in the in many of the Luxury, Premium, and even super car divisions with a wide product offering.

The car with the issue is the Supercar Concept, the replacement to our third Generation SV Suprer Car, which glitched upon creation. It has a 500+ HP V6 3.3 Turbo that revs to 8100RPMs. This is our fourth super car, with the engine being an evolution of the 3rd generation’s 1987 V6 3.3L Turbo. Beast used the super cars throughout the years to advance our technology in a high end limited production environment. The previous gen 1987 V6 3.3 Turbo made 277HP/308LB-FT revving to 6500RPM. Here we developed our latest tech, such as MEFI, Ball Bearing Turbos, & High Flow Cats. (I LOVE the familiarty system, BTW. I’d love to see it expanded upon even more. Not sure if research effects it directly, but it should.)

Anyways, feel free to check out the file, anyone. I’ve run it a few additional years out, and the company continues to be successful with no input, but it’s ripe for expansion. The Supercar Concept is the only glitch, so you could ignore/delete it and just move on.

I’d love to know/here what the fix is, and I hope to have helped in squashing a bug. Love the direction this is going, keep up the great work


Another bug: After I progressed the save file forward 5 years, I realized it only keeps 5 save files, and auto deletes the manual saves. Good thing I have my manual save in drop box now. It should only auto-delete auto-saves

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